25 Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas

Hey Hey!  Remember when I posted about being in Shabby Chic / Photographer HEAVEN?  Well,  today is the day I’m showcasing MORE of the pictures.  This wedding was a perfect mix of shabby chic, rustic, elegant, simple and beautiful.  Oh, how my wedding would be different if we got married now!    I love all the detail and thought she put into her wedding.  Thanks again Chelsea for having me photographer your decor.  She’s ONE talented girl.   And now,  here’s my list of 25 ideas for a PERFECT shabby chic wedding!

Wedding Header

Please note, I only took these pictures, these are not my ideas or creations.

1.  Doilies 

Wedding 1

2.  Mis-Matched Dinner China 

Wedding 13

3.  Rustic Kid’s Table

Wedding 14

4.  Personalized Kid’s Activity Boxes

Wedding 11

5.  A Shabby Chic High Chair 

Wedding 15

6.  Beautiful Table Numbers 

Wedding 12

7.  Succulents

Wedding 25

8.  Coffee Bar / Mis-Matched Cups

Wedding 4

9.  Baby’s Breath

Wedding 3

10.  Fire Pit with Pallet Seating 

Wedding 16

11.  Cigar Lounge 

Wedding 17

12.  Cozy Pallet Couches 

Wedding 18

13.  Personalized Matches 

Wedding 20

14.  Vintage Cigar Boxes 

wedding 19

15.  Vintage Liquor Bottles

Wedding 21

16.  Custom Rustic Bar

Wedding 22

17.  Homemade Flavored Nuts

Wedding 23

18.  Burlap Bar Specials Sign

Wedding 6

19.  Shabby Chic Dessert Table

wedding 24

20.  Candy Table with Adorable Candy Bags

Wedding 26

21.  Repurposed Beverage Coolers

Wedding 8

22.  Games

Wedding 27

23.  Antiques 

Wedding 28

24.  Church Pews 

Wedding 29

25.  Mason Jar Lanterns

Wedding 30

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Wedding Header 2

28 thoughts on “25 Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas

  1. These are all so beautiful! I always wonder if I would have gotten married when Pinterest was more popular and blogging was more popular if I would have done the same decor! Beautiful!

  2. There are so many pretty ideas here! I love the doilies- it would be a great way to bring memories of grandmothers or great-grandmothers into the wedding. I have many of these from my own grand mothers and my daughters aren’t necessarily interested in displaying them in their homes but it would be sweet to include them in the wedding décor.

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