5 Toddler DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Happy Monday!  It’s a new week and more items to check off my to do list!  We have been busy bees over here completing the formal dining room and entryway/hallway.  All the wainscoting and board and batten is painted.  I ordered a rug yesterday for the formal dining room, yah!  It’s so exciting putting a new room together.  Not only have I been busy with the house, I’ve also started tackling my Christmas list.  Yup, early!  That never happens.  So, with time on my side, I decided to get CRAFTY with our gift giving this year.  I’m complied a small, but awesome list of DIY toddler gift ideas that would make any little one’s eye glow!

By the way, HOMEMADE gifts rock, right?  There’s some much time, thought, enery and love wrapped in there.  All gifts are lovely, don’t get me wrong!

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DIY Lego Tray

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How fun AND practical is this DIY LEGO Tray by Jade Louise Designs?  The convenience of this piece a lone makes it’s a home run.  We are going on a cruise soon and this little tray packs up perfectly in our suitcase.  Grab a LEGO kit, set it on top, complete with a bow and it’s a great gift for any little.   Check out her blog for the full tutorial.  I just finished two of these yesterday.  I added a LEGO Duplo plate to the top since the little’s receiving them are younger  Also, the design options are endless.  Win Win!

Magic Paint Board

Toddler 1

No mess painting?  Yes, PLEASE.  This Magic Paint Board by Fo Reals Life is VERY cool and VERY easy!  I don’t mind getting the paint out for Ms. Eva, but sometimes it’s nice to have another option.  Also, again, it’s portable.  This could easily be taken to grandma’s house!  Up-cycling an old picture frame is RIGHT up my alley.  This little guy would be an adorable gift with paint brushes and a water cup.  The full tutorial is on her blog.

Toddler Art T-Shirt

Toddler 4

When I first saw this idea, I instantly thought of a Eva making these for her friends.  What a neat idea?  A friend wearing a shirt that their friend made for them?  It’s easy, inexpensive and makes a great craft idea for the littles.  Check out the full DIY Toddler Shirt tutorial HERE, by Small and Friendly.

Crayon Roll Tutorial

Toddler 3

Another clever idea is the Crayon Roll by The Mombot.  What an excellent idea for coloring on the GO!  This works in the car, vacation, restaurants etc.  Pick out material, grab a pack of crayons and coloring book – Bam!  Another Christmas gift done.

 Dinosaur Play Dough Kit

Toddler 5

Okay, seriously.  This is my NEW obsession.  Play dough kits.  The options are endless.  This is such a great idea and can be tailored to anyone’s age and interest.  Frozen, Star Wars, Christmas play dough kits etc.  Mama Papa and Bubba’s blog is FULL of ideas!  Get the scoop on this Dinosaur Kit HERE.  I already have four of these plastic organizers from IKEA ready to go.

There you have it!  There’s plenty of time to get rockin’ before snow is falling and Christmas is here.   Are they any catching your eye?  Happy crafting!

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