Annie Sloan Chalk Paint End Table Makeover

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Table Makeover

I’m LOVING these challenges lately!  I mean, give me something I love to do WITH a deadline, I’m gonna get stuff done y’all!

Jessica over at Domicile 37 whipped up two new challenges for the year, the DIY Knock It Off Challenge (Kate Spade DIY Gold Dot Wine Tote) and then this super fun challenge!  This challenge will take place the last Tuesday of each month.

Now, I am a thrift store junkie, don’t get me wrong.  However, this piece didn’t come from the thrift store.  Here’s the story.  Our neighbors were moving from their home into an assisted living facility.  Each Friday morning (garbage day) I would take my morning walk and nonchalantly scope out their garage!  A couple times, I ran home with a  couple goodies.  One time, I was eye balling something and when I made it back to our street, it was gone.  Sad.  Lesson learned.  Anyways, one day I was talking to him and I mentioned how I love antiques and such (knowing he was downsizing) and if he wanted to sell anything to please let me know!  BINGO.  Next day, he was at my door.  “Sara, come with me, I want to show you some stuff!”  You guys, I got some COOL stuff!  One thing he gave me was this table.  It needed a little TLC and he wasn’t sure if I would even take it.  But, OH YES, yes, I will!

Here she is:

Aaron Table Before

Aaron Table Before 2

Check out that leg! Love the detail… great for distressing!  This.Makes.Me.Happy.

Now, I’m in the process of redoing our Master Bedroom.  (Part One HERE)

I wanted to use colors that would follow with our master bedroom furniture that I’m currently working on.  I also wanted to do something different.  Painting furniture a solid color is fine, but I needed to set up my game.

I used a mix of Annie Sloan Old White, Pure White and Old Ochre from Nada & Co.

Combining 1/2 water and 1/2 Pure White, I gave the whole table a coat, let sit for a few minutes and then wiped if off with a clean rag.

Once that was dry, I gave the whole piece a coat of Old White dry brushed.

Then I distressed it, a lot.  This is usually not my name of the game but I really love how the legs on the table turned out!

Aaron Table 8

Ooo, La La!

Aaron Table 7.jpg

However, the top of table of screaming at me.  I gave it all a coat of clear wax and left it in the bedroom.  I kept looking at it, not knowing what to do.  It was “too busy.”  So, I gave the top of the table a solid coat of Old Ochre with light distressing on the edges.  MUCH better.

Aaron Table 4

How cozy is this?  I moved the chair from our living room into here and my hubby came home and I demanded we leave it there!  It is pretty cute.

Aaron Table 5

How about that table?  It’s different and because of that, I like it.

Aaron Table 3.jpg

Cup of morning joe here?  Yes, please.  Oh wait, I have a toddler! 🙂

Aaron Table 2.jpg

Aaron Table 6

The light distressing on the top helps balance the heavy distressing on the bottom.

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18 thoughts on “Annie Sloan Chalk Paint End Table Makeover

  1. Such a pretty makeover and I love that it has some meaning beings at it comes from an elderly neighbor going through such a life changing experience. I bet they were excited to hand over pieces to such a wonderful lady such as yourself.

  2. Hi Sara, love what you are doing here! I’m planning on chalk painting an oak table with 2 leaves. Haven’t taken the plung yet, but I’m going to. Love your ideas, home and especially your beautiful daughter. Congrats on your son to be. Connie G.

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