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Want to hear something neat?  A shabby follower who read my post, My Shabby Cabs, was inspired to paint her OWN kitchen cabs!  She then gathered some friends and signed up for a painting class at Pigeon in the Parlour.  No, wait.  It doesn’t end there! This wonderful gal and I have a mutual friend and they invited ME to take class with them.  Pretty sweet, eh?  Here’s a snippet of our class.

AS Workshop Header

The table and supplies are waiting for us!  We’re eager to LEARN!

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(Emily, our teacher and owner of Pigeon in the Parlour)

We spoke about Annie Sloan and her wonderful products.  There’s a beautiful visual display in Pigeon in the Parlour’s classroom.

Paint Party.The Cottage 021 Paint Party.The Cottage 020 Paint Party.The Cottage 019

We picked up some great tips on creating color tints and shades.

Paint Party.The Cottage 012

Our sample board we each completed included several techniques.  We learned whitewashing, laying paint colors, aging and distressing, stippling with a brush and sponge, crackling and alligator skin.

Paint Party.The Cottage 003

Paint Party.The Cottage 010 Paint Party.The Cottage 022Paint Party.The Cottage 014

My FINAL piece!

Paint Party.The Cottage 024 Paint Party.The Cottage 025

Isn’t that lovely?  The options and results are ENDLESS! Each one of our boards were different which shows how everyone has their own style.  It’s a wonderful class and again, I highly recommend it.

Paint Party.The Cottage 027

 Interested in a class? Check out their Workshops!

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