Simple & Clean Living Room Reveal

LR 8

Hey guys!  I’m slowly making it through and sharing all our new rooms.  It’s been one crazy journey over here.  Today, I’m super excited to share our new living room.  Why?  Well, I think out of all the rooms we recently made over, this was has been pretty dramatic!  If you’re new here, we tore down our huge fireplace in between our living and dining room.  Yup.  Gone.  Hello, openness!

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A Functional and Bright Laundry Room Reveal

MR 17

It’s another makeover post on the blog.  I mean, aren’t these the best?  Really!

This room functions as both a mudroom and laundry room.  You enter this room through our garage. This space was NOT welcoming.  Especially after we makeover our Kitchen a year an a half ago.  This room transitions into the kitchen so it felt really dated once the kitchen was bright and lovely.

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Entry Closet Transformation


Hey guys!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  I actually turned my camera on yesterday, dusted it off and now I kind of forgot how to write a blog post!  Yikes!!!  It will all come back to me, hopefully.

Among the many things we did around the house the last couple months, one was this great little nook area.  I couldn’t be happier with this space.  It looks like it’s been there the whole time!

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Under Construction!

Con 2

Under Construction!

That’s my excuse for all the silence on the blog.  #sorry

It’s been crazy over here!  There’s nothing pretty to take pictures of… just a lot of dust, toys and a random love seat in the dining room.  Well, it could be my hillbilly sette! Ha

I’m really excited for everything going on over here.  I wanted to give you guys a quick home tour and explain what’s going on, our goals and dreams.  Please disregard the mess.

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Whiskey Barrel Plant Stand

WB 2

Hey! Welcome back.  As you can see, I’ve been a busy bee over here lately.  Not only have I been working on quite a few projects but, I’ve also been working on my site!  Do you like the new look?  Let’s say, I’ve been stressing and learning a lot the last couple days.  It should be all finished up soon!  I appreciate your patience.

So today, HUGE DIY My Spring Blog Hop sponsored by Hometalk!  Oh yah, lots of spring inspiration right here guys.  Be sure to click around the links below after you check out my easy up-cycled project.

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Faux Mantle Update

Mantle 2

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Nada & Co.  All thoughts and opinions of these products are my own.

Welcome back!  It’s another week for a master bedroom UPDATE! If you’re new here checking out the master bedroom, catch up on week one (Before) and week two (Shiplap).  Last week, I also shared with you guys our faux mantle and how we took the bottom off which caused some problems with the prior paint job.  This week, I’ll show you what I did to update this beauty!

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$10 DIY Plant Stand

PS 19

Remember when I wrote a post on my “Blog Birthday?”  I included in that post my goals for this year.  One goal was to up my DIY game and get some power tools.  I’m here today to say that I’ve upped my game (thanks for the push Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage) AND I’ve learned how to use power tools, just haven’t made the purchase yet! This is huge.  I want to be able to make things, ya know?  When Gina suggested the idea of a challenge, (make furniture using only 2X4s) I knew this was the opportunity I needed to get some fire under my feet!

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Shiplap Master Bedroom

Master W Ship 3

Hey!  Welcome back to week two of our Master Bedroom Makeover.  This is so much fun.  Ask my hubby! #kidding

Do you ever think, “oh this will look great.”  Get it home and then…. no. Gotta go?  I’m usually pretty good at picking up my odds and ends for a room but I’m struggling y’all.  After I walked the mall the other day I had a VERY sleepy toddler.   I had to move my car around to the other side of the mall, get out the babes from her car seat and go into TJ MAXX, making TWO trips to purchase two end table lamps and a floor lamp for this room.  I must mention that Eva was walking slower than molasses for these trips.  After we were home, I decided the two night stand lamps were too bulky.  However, I love the floor lamp.  So, off to TJ Maxx again to return the two.  That’s a lot of work with a little babes by your side! I’m exhausted typing that! LOL

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint End Table Makeover

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Table Makeover

I’m LOVING these challenges lately!  I mean, give me something I love to do WITH a deadline, I’m gonna get stuff done y’all!

Jessica over at Domicile 37 whipped up two new challenges for the year, the DIY Knock It Off Challenge (Kate Spade DIY Gold Dot Wine Tote) and then this super fun challenge!  This challenge will take place the last Tuesday of each month.

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Farmhouse Master Bedroom Makeover Series [Fixer Upper Style]

And on to the next room….

We have been moving right along.  I finished the Playroom last month.  This month and some of next will be dedicated to our master.  The room, that never gets the love it deserves.   For us, when it comes to decision making on what room we are going to do, our master bedroom and bath always get knocked down the list.  Well, not anymore!

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Styling a Buffet [Rustic, Vintage & Farmhouse Style]

Do you love to decorate, then move it around again…and again?  Just me?  I’m obsessed!  And now, little E is an interior designer in the making!  Seriously, funny story.  When I was decorating her desk for the Play Room Makeover.  She was sitting in her chair and I was displaying the items on her desk to take pictures.  She would move something, then I would move it back, then she would move it again!  Like, seriously?!?

So today, I’m sharing some tips on styling a buffet.  Yesterday, a couple gals shared their tips and today, a couple are sharing too!  This little hop covers all kind of items.  Styling tips for coffee tables, mantles, buffets etc.  If you’re coming over from Monica’s beautiful blog, welcome!

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Shabby Chic Kid’s Bedroom

Eva Val 9

And, we have a toddler just like that.  Seems like yesterday we were finally bringing her home from the NICU.  So now, here we are transitioning her nursery into a toddler room.

I won’t lie.  We co-sleep.  Eva has NEVER once slept in her room.  After coming home from our vacation last month, I decided it was time to “work” on getting Miss Eva into her own bed.  Her room is upstairs and our master is on the main level.  This has always been difficult for me.  We started to work on it and we were doing alright.  We get up a lot in the middle of the night and sleeping next to a monitor is near impossible for me.  I think this whole transition is harder for me than her.

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Creating a Functional & Organized Playroom

Hey guys!  I’m back with some more playroom fun.  I couldn’t be happier with results of Eva’s Playroom Reveal and all the kind words from you guys.  I really appreciate it!  Today, there’s MORE room reveals as we wrap up our New Year New Room Challenge.  Be sure to click around the links at the bottom of my post.

Again, I would like to thank Stephanie at Casa Watkins for putting this challenge together.

While preparing and designing this room, I thought a lot about organizing and using the space to the fullest.  I also wanted to simplify the room.  I’m here to say, that after I organized and went through the toys, leaving only a fraction of the toys in the room, Eva is in there more than ever.  Therefore, “less is more!”

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