Wood Burned Easter Eggs

Egg 6

You guys.  I’m.Obsessed.  I’ve been burning eggs for days!! My husband thinks I’m crazy.

Have you guys noticed the wood eggs at Target?  I’ve been eye ballin’ then for a couple weeks, just not sure what to do with them.  Recently, I received a wood burner from Walnut Hallow for another project I’m working on.  Laying in bed one night, it hit me!  I could not get to Target soon enough the next morning!!!!

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DIY Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Graphic Stock.  In exchange of this post, I have received a year membership to their site.  All thought and opinions of their service are my own.

Create and Share Button

It’s Create & Share time!  I just love this challenge that Stephanie over at Casa Watkin’s host each month.  In case you’re new to the challenge, a group of bloggers receive the same product or service and we create our own project with it!  Be sure to catch up on all my past Create and Share projects:  [August – September – OctoberNovemberDecember]

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Rustic Reindeer Crate

**This is a sponsored post.  All thoughts and opinions of this products are my own.**

Hey guys!  Lots of projects going on in the Shabby Grace home!  This month is and as been CRAZY in blog land.  It’s exciting and fun.  I’m definitely digging this whole blogging gig I got myself into.  One person in particular, that has been extremely helpful, is Stephanie at Casa Watkins’ Blog.  I’m very grateful for her, her ideas and hard work.  She also started this Create and Share Challenge and it has been a huge success.

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Newspaper Christmas Wrapping Paper

This time of the year is is busy busy!  There’s lots of decorating, shopping, meal prepping, traveling etc.  One thing that usually get’s left till the last minute is wrapping the gifts.  Wrapping paper doesn’t have to be a roll of paper from the store!  There’s many creative ways to present a gift.  Luckly, this month’s Junk Revision Challenge is just that!

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My Home Style: Christmas Tree Edition

You guys!! I’m excited to join the “My Home Style” gals, hosted by the lovely Casa Watkins.  This month’s style is about showcasing our christmas tree!  I just adore christmas, our tree and decorating.  This my friends, is right up my alley.

If you’re coming over from Roots North and South, hello and welcome!

The three words I chose to describe our tree is retro, vintage and rustic.  I wouldn’t necessarily describe our home this way, (subtract the retro) but this christmas vignette is my favorite in the house!  We have three trees in our home, this one, one in Eva’s play room and then our family/memory DIY tree in the living room.

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Thrift Shirt Christmas Stockings

Hello and welcome!  This Holiday Season has already been so much fun with this blog!  Last week, I shared Part 1 & Part 2 of my Holiday Home Tour.  Also, you can link up your Christmas Tour at The Christmas Link Up.  No tour to share?  No biggie, head over for some holiday magic.  I can tour homes for hours!  #Love

Today I’m sharing a project that’s been on my mind for a while.    When Hometalk and Country Living teamed up for the Home for Christmas Hop, I jumped right on it knowing exactly what I was going to do.  Thanks again for hosting Hometalk and Country Living!  And, special thanks to Donna at Funky Junk Interiors for organizing this amazing hop!

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Thanksgiving Tablescape & DIY Thankful Tree

Tablescapes were never a “thing” for me until recently.  Now, I really enjoy pulling items together to create a cozy and inviting table.  One table in particular, the Thanksgiving table.  There’s something about gathering with friends and family and enjoying one of the most comforting meals, ever.  Then of course, crashing on the couch and a game of rock-paper-scissors to try and get out of dish duty …..

This month’s Create and Share DIY challenge is Thanksgiving Tablescape with  a DIY project mixed in.  Be sure to view all the other tablescapes and projects listed at the bottom of my post.

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Up-cycled Fall Basket Wreath

Yes, another basket project!  You guys, I can’t get enough of them.

(Basket Wall Art HERE)

(DIY Welcome Sign HERE)

I have a stock pile of baskets from the thrift store.  In my eyes, you can’t have enough.  Right?!  Some gal pals and I put together a Thanksgiving Craft Hop!  This is part of our Instagram game #HomeForTheFallidays.  Are you playing a along?  Check me out over on Instagram HERE.

Last month we did a Halloween Craft Hop and I completed a DIY Spooky Village from thrift Christmas houses.  Check that daddy out HERE.

Back to the BASKET!  I Found this really large one.  Ohhhh I like it!

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Thrift Store Rudolph Makeover

Good morning and happy Monday!  If you stumbled on me from the link party, welcome.  I’m glad to have you! So, yes, you read that right.  A CHRISTMAS make over!  Calm down, I won’t bombard you TOO much with Christmas decor before December 1st, deal?!  But, I am excited that Christmas decorating is around the corner and I’ve had this little guy I picked up over the summer, for a QUARTER, in the basement ready for a makeover!  This month’s Junk Revision Challenge is Holiday Decor.  What a perfect match, right?  It was Rudolph’s time to SHINE!

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DIY Halloween Throw Pillow

Hey hey!  Welcome back and happy Wednesday.  If you’re new here, a very special welcome to you!

(This is a sponsored post.  All opinions and thoughts are my own).

It’s that time again for our Create and Share!  This month, our fabulous blogger group teamed up with Cutting Edge Stencils.  We each received an adorably cute and well crafted pillow kit.  My pillow kit included a crow stencil.  I’m super excited to show you how I made my pillow into my own and to share with with you ALL the other pillows too!

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DIY Welcome Sign & Fall Porch Reveal

Sign Final 1

My front porch reveal is finally here!  Let me say this, give a girl who loves to take pictures AND loves pumpkins, mums and fall…. you’re going to get A LOT of pictures!!!!  My birthday was a couple weeks ago so to celebrate, we had a great dinner at my favorite restaurant (Inn Season Cafe) and we shopped for front porch decor!  We grabbed a coffee on the way home and I decorated upon arrival.  Mix the unnecessary caffeine (probably my third cup that day – Yikes) in with all the love and BAM, porch is done! Ha

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DIY Spooky Halloween Village

Good Morning friends!  Thanks for stopping by.  Are you ready for some more spooky fun?!  If you can’t tell, I love Halloween!  I can’t.get.enough.

In case you missed it, check out my “Fall-O-Ween Home Tour” that I shared yesterday.

This project was inspired when these little beauties caught my eye at the local Salvation Army.

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Fall Tablescape & DIY Name Cards

 Hey Hey!  Welcome back.  If you’re new here, welcome and thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy my little piece of the world wide web!

With these cooler temps the last couple days, I’ve had FALL on my mind.  It’s kind of hard not to when it’s my favorite time of the year.  To me, there’s nothing cozier than a sweatshirt, pumpkins and hot apple cider.

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Fourth of July – DIY Rug

Heyyyy!  Welcome back.  I took a little a break from the ol’ blog.  Did you miss me?  I thought so.  Ha! I spent some time cleaning, organizing, hanging out with my nieces and of course Miss Shabby Grace.  We did a lot of swimming and playing!

Well, Fourth of July is this weekend!  Do you have any plans?  We do and I’m super excited for this weekend.  Also, I made this cute little DIY rug for our back deck.  Come check it out!

First, I headed to HomeGoods.  I grabbed an inexpensive jute rug,

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