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Hey! Welcome back.  As you can see, I’ve been a busy bee over here lately.  Not only have I been working on quite a few projects but, I’ve also been working on my site!  Do you like the new look?  Let’s say, I’ve been stressing and learning a lot the last couple days.  It should be all finished up soon!  I appreciate your patience.

So today, HUGE DIY My Spring Blog Hop sponsored by Hometalk!  Oh yah, lots of spring inspiration right here guys.  Be sure to click around the links below after you check out my easy up-cycled project.

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Shabby Vines!

Trellis Coll

I have a new obsession….  Trellises!

It all started with Pinterest.  That DANG Pinterest.  You gotta love it.

Pinterest:  “Helping me procrastinate… even more…. since 2010”

So, listen to this.  Last year I HAD to have a vegetable garden.  My daddy-o came over and built me this beautiful raised bed.  The hubs, Eva and I headed down to the Detroit Eastern Market and bought some lovely organic vegetables.


[Check out that beauty]

 The end result.  Our veggies tasted like chemicals because of our lawn being sprayed.  YUCK!  Our garden became the feeding grounds for all wildlife, including our neighborhood peacock, Louie.


[Louie on our back deck thinkin’ he’s somethin’]

This year,  NO GARDEN.

What to do with the raised garden? I’m NOT a gardener but I do LOVE design.


[I’m totally smitten with the Clematis Vine.  Source HERE]

Oooo… and if I did THIS, I would need a trellis!  JACK.POT.

Trellis 1 Trellis 2

Isn’t she a beauty?  I found her on Amazon, HERE.  She’s currently in my “Shopping Cart.”

Now, I’m sure you know, but I LOVE up-cycling.  I want to share these awesome ideas I found for trellises!  Oh.Em.Gee.

Trellis 3

[Up-cycled Garden Fence – Stunning! Source: HERE]

Trellis 4

[Vintage Window.  Source: HERE]

Trellis 6

[Re-purposed Ladders.  Source: HERE]


[Upside Down Shovel – Source: HERE]

Trellis 7

[Re-purposed Screen Door – LOVE LOVE.  Source: HERE]


[Bed Springs – Seriously? My FAV!  Source: HERE]

Aren’t these adorable?  Do you have any Clematis in your garden?  A trellis?  I’d LOVE to hear about it!

Shabby Counter Stools!

Counter stool hunting is complete  Thank,goodness.

Do you ever get “gun-shy” when purchasing items (especially ones you sit or lay in) ONLINE?  “Return for store credit only” YIKES!  That’s.scary.crap.yo.

My Needs:

1.  Backs on the chair

2.  Gray or Gray and Brown

3.  Sturdy

4.  Not Ga-Zillion Dollars!

SG 2 018

There’s a lot of gray in our granite.  We did gray grout with our white subway title so I thought it would be nice to pull from that.


Listen, I REALLY wanted this style (Remy Stool).  But, to be honest, we sit and our guest sit at our counter A LOT.

I ordered.  They came.  We sat.  They wobbled.  They were cold.  Uncomfortable.  We returned.

Good news.  Restoration Hardware’s customer service is amazing.

I’m a master shopper.  I looked FOR.ever.  I can’t even believe where we found them!  TARGET.

They came.  I put them together..  We love.  [link HERE]

SG 2 009 SG 2 011 SG 2 010 SG 2 013 SG 2 017

Our kitchen table is brown, along with my DIY Barn-wood shelf, so having the brown and gray contrast is PERFECT!

What do you think?  The WHOLE kitchen reveal is coming soon!  I know you can’t wait…..

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DIY Industrial Paper Towel Holder

DIY Paper Towel Holder Header

Yup, I’ve been hanging in the plumbing department of Home Depot a lot lately.  I’ve also bought a couple different paper towel holders for our kitchen over the years and never quite found one that was BOTH stylish and functional.  I usually buy the “double rolls” and many times they are too big for the holder.  Big bummer.  Also, the hubs NEVER “remembers” to put the top piece back on when putting a new roll on.

So, ever since the remodel, our paper towel roll has been chillin’ all alone next to the sink.  Then one day it HIT me!  Simple, cute AND no dang top to take off and on!  CHECK. IT. OUT!


My first stop was to Joann’s.  I grabbed this!  It’s an 8″ Wood Pine Plaque.


You could also use something like this.  I was tempted but stuck with the pine.  If you make one with this, I wanna see! K? Thanks 🙂


Next stop, Home Depot.  It can be overwhelming.  Just look at the box fronts.  Once you figure it out, it’s easy peasy.   Make sure all your pieces are the SAME size.

DIY Paper Towel Holder 028

This is what I picked up:

2 – 1/2×6″ Nipples

1 – 1/2″ Cap

1 – 1/2″ Floor Flange

1 – 1/2″ Coupling

Step 1:

DIY Paper Towel Holder 027

I painted the wood with Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint.  This way it matched our cabinets.

Step 2:

DIY Paper Towel Holder 031

Center and screw the floor flange to the wood.

Step 3:

DIY Paper Towel Holder 032

Connect the remaining pieces.

Step 4:

DIY Paper Towel Holder 033

Connect the bottom nipple to the floor flange.

DIY Paper Towel Holder 035 DIY Paper Towel Holder 036 DIY Paper Towel Holder 038 DIY Paper Towel Holder 039 DIY Paper Towel Holder 041

That’s It!  YUP.  Simple.  Plus, no taking a top piece off to replace the roll and it fits any size roll.  BONUS:  No one else has it!  I’m lovin’ it.

Love Industrial?  Check out my DIY Industrial Bathroom Hardware HERE!

Milk Paint Makeover!

Milk Paint Makeover

I picked this little cutie up from an online site.  It’s been hanging solo for a while in the basement.  After finishing My Shabby Cabs, I took a much needed break from the paint brush!  I was eager to start again.  I’m always up for trying something new!  A local store, Rust to Roses, carries Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.  I grabbed some paint and hemp oil to give this baby some new life!  It had some missing hardware and trim…..

MMSMP Table 002

Because so much of the lower trim was missing, I just removed it all.  I like things to be “perfectly imperfect.”

MMSMP Table 009

I always clean my piece REALLY good.  I use TSP Substitute with gloves and a scrubber.  Then, rinse with warm water.

MMSMP Table 010 MMSMP Table 011

Again, I’m a rookie with the ol’ milk paint.  At first, I put powder into a plastic container, poured in the water and mixed with a spoon.  It would NOT mix.  My second attempt, I put water in a mason jar, then powder, put the lid on top and gave it a good SHAKE!  This worked perfectly.  Let the paint sit for 5-10 minutes to allow the pigment to deepen.

MMSMP Table 014 MMSMP Table 013

Milk paint comes in a powder form.  Mix equal parts water and powder.  The paint is “fresh” for about one week.  MMSMP carriers a bonding agent too.  I did not use this product.  Learn more about that HERE.

MMSMP Table 015

We are READY!  What a pretty color.  Apron Strings.  Something I’d not normally buy.

MMSMP Table 016 MMSMP Table 017

Honestly, what REALLY appealed to me with this paint is that you can achieve an authentic “chippy look.”  So, I HAD to attempt it.   I found an old sock and cut a small piece.  I applied a small amount of the hemp oil on to the sock and placed it on areas that I wanted to chip.  (Creating a barrier where the paint won’t stick)

MMSMP Table 018 MMSMP Table 020 MMSMP Table 021 MMSMP Table 022

Next, PAINT.  I gave this beauty two coats!  It dries quickly like chalk paint.   Can you see where it was “bubbling?”  OH YAH.  Chip.TIME.  I took some tape and wrapped it around my hand.  I applied light pressure to these areas to “pull away” the paint.

MMSMP Table 023

Now, my favorite part.  I took Annie Sloan Old White and a small paint brush  to complete the interior trim.  There is also ONE section of trim that is missing trim on each end.  I made two lines so that it appears there’s trim.  Shhhhh… Don’t tell anyone!  THIS my friends, MADE the piece!

MMSMP Table 024 MMSMP Table 026 MMSMP Table 028

Remember that sock I cut?  I stuck my hand inside, put some hemp oil on it and rubbed it into the table.  After I finished the whole piece I took a clean rag and wiped it again to remove any excess.

MMSMP Table 039MMSMP Table 040 MMSMP Table 042

Now LOOK at that beauty.  What cha think?

MMSMP Table 043 MMSMP Table 044 MMSMP Table 041

I’m REALLY glad I added the white detail.   I’ve been searching for new hardware with NO luck.  I’ll keep you posted when I find the PERFECT ones!

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Who inspires you?

Have you ever watched the show, Fixer Upper, on HGTV?  Well, you should.  Go set the DVR now!  It’s currently hands down my favorite show on HGTV.  It’s about a couple (Chip & Joanna Gaines) from Waco, Texas, who fix up the ugliest house on the best block.  Their chemistry on the show is awesome!  Chip cracks me up and Joanna just loves him to death.  They are real and the show isn’t all “drama-ish.” So, who inspires me?  Joanna Gaines!

Check out some of my favorite spaces from their home and homes on their show.


First, lemme clear this up.  I’m a SUCKER for old architectural pieces.  I mean, look at this table.  Those arches used for legs!  Brilliant!


Can we say, open floor plan!  No need to say more …..


I’m slightly in love with old chippy corbels.  THIS will happen in our new kitchen.  Just need to find the perfect one!


Where do I start with this picture?  Hello, I want that coffee table.  It reminds me of something I would find at a beach house.  The buffet is adorable.  I’m searching for one of them as well.  The dark top is a nice contrast with the white body, perfecto!  And finally, the gate on the wall.  Such a great piece.  Well done Joanna!


Ohhhhh her kitchens…. please come do our kitchen Joanna!  I’m begging you!  See those light counter tops?  I wanted them.  Only option is marble (Not durable enough for a kitchen in MY opinion) or quartz.  Sooo we searched high and low for a lighter granite, and found one.  I chose this picture primarily for the hanging pendants above the island.  To me, this screams industrial chic.  My kind of stuff!


Coffee Bar = Heaven on Earth


Subway title, let’s get married!  Yes, this is coming into our kitchen!  It’s so classic and timeless.  Using gray grout with those counter tops is fantastic ….  I wish I had gray to pull from in our new granite to do the same!  Also, that farm sink.  Who doesn’t love a big ol’ white farm sink?!


This beauty ….. this picture right here had me on a hunt for months!  I wanted a mantle so bad but wasn’t willing to spend $500.  I finally found one late last year.  It was perfect for Christmas decorating.  There’s so much you can do with a piece like this.  It easily adds that country/rustic feel to any kind of home!


And finally, her store.  I WILL go there one day.  It’s in Waco, Texas.  The hubs passes through there a lot due to work.  I’m trying to get him to stop and FaceTime me / shop.  I’ll take it any way I can!!!!

Any of these catch your eye like they did mine?


Hey Hey!

I did it … I started a Blog! It’s been on my mind for a while and I’m finally taking the plunge.

Shabby Grace.  I love love love Shabby Chic decor.  Decorating, being creative and SHOPPING.  This is my jam.  I also have a daughter named Eva Grace.  My husband, AK (Aaron), wanted to call her Grace.  We compromised on Grace being her middle name.  Well, guess what we call her?  Grace.  Oh yah, Eva Grace comes out when needed.  Which, is a lot lately.  This Toddler.  Oh…this toddler.  She’s something else.  She enjoys shopping with mom and helping with the projects too, so what a perfect name, eh?  Shabby. Grace.  Lovvvvve.

I have a few goals for this blog.

1.  To welcome you into our Shabby Grace Home.  I’m usually redecorating a room or we are updating something.  Right, AK?

2.  To share with you any DIY projects I’m tackling.

3.  To be your virtual shopper.  Yes.  I said it.  I already frequent local shops so why not bring you along?  I support small businesses and I encourage you to do the same.

I hope you stick around for the fun!  I’m ready for the adventure ….  Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our kitchen!  I’m diggin’ our progress!

XOXO – SG <3

About Shabby Grace

Hey Hey! I’m Sara with Shabby Grace. I’m a small town gal from good ol’ Michigan.  Most importantly, I’m a wife and mom.  I have an amazing and supportive husband.  We have an adorable daughter, Eva Grace.  She’s smart, sassy and VERY funny.  Let’s not forget our Shih Tzu, Callie, our first baby.  She enjoys treats and lounging.


I’ve always had a passion for design and decorating.  Since I “retired” from the State of Michigan when we had our daughter, I’ve had more time to do what I love.  If you ask the hubby, that’s shop!  So, I’ve combined the two and began to blog.

I love ….

Shopping local, antiques, re-purposing items, decorating, designing/updating, social media, “hunting” for that perfect find, TARGET, coffee (Good coffee too), photography, food, cooking, sleep, fitness and “enjoying the moments” as my lovely mother would say….

I’m here to share my love and welcome you into our Shabby Grace Home!