DIY Baby Proof Fireplace

You know that $60 edging/foam roll you buy when you have babes?  The one that is suppose to stick to your table edges, corners and fireplace?  Yah, the one that your kid peels off instantly.

Well, we had a problem and I needed to fix it ASAP.  We have a double sided fireplace in between our kitchen and living room.  It’s a space that you walk pass a million times in a day in our home.



Here’s my solution:

We had three wood pieces made that fit over the brick.  There are two side pieces and an end piece.  Each connects.

Fireplace WoodConnter

Gather some material that fits your home/decor, glue gun, staple gun, stables, the foam edging you bought in the first place and foam.


I purchased the foam at Joann Fabrics.  It’s expensive so either wait till it’s on sale or buy the coupon book and use the 50% off coupon.

Step 1

Cut the material to fit the board.  Make sure you have extra material on all ends of the board.  I have a helper, of course 🙂

Eva Fireplace

Step 2

Iron the material.  Please do this.  It looks MUCH better!

Step 3

Hot glue the foam edge piece onto the wood.


Step 4

Cut the foam to fill in the top and side.  Hot glue the foam down.  Make sure to cut around the fasteners.

Foam LayoutFoam Cut

Step 5

Unscrew the fasteners.  (Only do ONE side at a time.  This helps to replace the fasteners in their correct location)


Step 6

Lay the material on the floor.  Please the wood piece on the material, closer to one end.

Material Layout

Step 7

Starting in the center, pull tight and staple.  Work you way to each end.

Staple CenterStaple 2

Moving to the other side of the board, do the same thing.  Start in middle and pull tight!  When you get to the ends, fold it like you’re wrapping a present.

Staple 3

Staple 4 Staple 5

Step 8

Place wood back on the fireplace and screw fasteners back in their location.


Done!  It’s quite cozy.  Eva loves to get up here and it has saved her noggin’ a couple times already.  Also, people love to sit here when we are hanging in the kitchen or living room!

Complete 1 Complete 3 Complete 2

I love that it can easily be taken off and on.  Also, you can change the material out if need be!

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PicMonkey Collage2

5 thoughts on “DIY Baby Proof Fireplace

  1. Wow I’ve never seen anything like this. Very good idea for those with little ones. Do you use your fireplace very much? If so is the fabric easy to wipe clean? Love that you could see the cozy fire from all angles, must be great for holidays…oh no I don’t want to think about that yet. Us Michiganders hold our summers dear 🙂 Our house heats strictly with wood in the winter (I know, crazy!) it seems to get so messy sometimes. Hmmm, maybe I can come up with something for that…

    1. Never thought about that Meghan! We do NOT use our fireplace. It can be used both ways. One day we will get an insert for it! Yes, a lot homes around where I grew up use wood. I give you guys a lot of credit.

  2. This is a great idea! My big stone fireplace makes me nervous too. My kids are a little older, but still run around and wrestle like crazy. I have just the standard edge piece purchased from Babies’r us. But it just covers the very edge. This is great because it covers the whole stone area.

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