DIY Creepy Critter Pumpkin Centerpiece


You know what I love more than Fall?  Halloween!!!  Spooking out the house is a lot of fun and I really like to create projects that are inexpensive.

Last year I created a DIY Spooky Halloween Village.  It’s super cute, fun and easy!

This year, I was inspired by a photo I saw in Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine.  I defiantly put my own spin on it and I hope you enjoy it!  Remember, decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Plus, by creating your own pieces, they are one of a kind.

Also, I’m teaming up some other creative gals to get you guys into the DIYing mood!  Be sure to check the links at the bottom of this post.  Oh yah!

First, I snagged some pumpkins from the local Trader Joe.


Next, I used metallic gold and silver paint for the pumpkins.  I applied the paint with a sponge.




I gave each pumpkin a coat like this!


Next, I had 1/2 of a bottle of black paint.  I watered it down a little and applied it to the top of the pumpkins, allowing the paint to drip on all sides of the pumpkin.


After a quick trip the Dollar Tree, I grabbed snakes and rats.


I sprayed them GOLD.  Side note:  The hubs didn’t see me do this.  The next morning he came in from garage was like, “dude, that’s a scary box out there!” LOL


Now the fun part, putting it all together!


I’m seriously in love with this project! Our daughter gets a kick out it.


This larger rats really make a statement.  GROSS!


I used sticky glue dots from the Dollar Tree to keep these little critters on here.



My favorite is the one large snake I found at the Dollar Tree.  One thing I’m really bothered by is snakes.  He’s super creepy!






Does this get you in the Halloween mood?  What a fun project to do along side the kiddos.

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18 thoughts on “DIY Creepy Critter Pumpkin Centerpiece

  1. OMG I love these creepy pumpkins! They are so cool. My kids will think they are the best thing ever, for some reason, they absolutely love spooky decor. So funny. Pinned!

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