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Friends!  I have a little somethin’ special for y’all today!   Need some Wall Art inspiration?  Are your walls a little bare or just need a change up?  (If you’re like me, you like to change a lot!)  Look NO further.  I’m excited to share some great ideas!

Browse around on the image above and click on the corresponding link above to check out their DIY Wall Art.    But first, check my cool little easy peasy piece OUT!

DIY Shim Header

First, I ran to Michael’s a grabbed a piece of  wood.  My dad gave me some shim wood a while back that I’m been waitin’ to do somethin’ with.  I played around with some ideas and broke some pieces in half.  I was likin’ this end result.

 Shim Layout

I ran to the local ACE Hardware store because I wasn’t in the mood for Home Depot.  And, Starbucks was close … so ya know.  I grabbed a latte, some stain and brushes.  Three different shades, dark, medium and light.

Stain Material

Next, I got busy staining.  I used a mix of colors on each piece.  Some heavier with dark and vise versa.


After that dried, I laid my pieces back out how I wanted them.  I used Gorilla Glue and glued them down.


I have SO many ideas for the rest of my shim wood.  I love it!

Now, I didn’t really have a place to put this on our walls.  I decided to rearrange my Barn-Wood DIY Shelf (Imagine that) and I found a lovely place for it there.

Final WA 1 Final WA 2 Final WA 4 Final WA 5 Final WA 3

Group Graphic DIY Wall Art

1.  Amidst the Chaos

2.  Old House to New Home

3.  One More Time Events

4.  The House Down the Lane

5.  A Shade of Teal

6.  Vintage, Paint and more ….

7.  Penny Loves Projects 

8.  Uncookie Cutter 

9.  Green With Decor

10.  Casa Watkins

11.  Domicile 37

12.  Refashionably Late

13.  Up to Date Interiors

14.  Pocketful of Posies

15.  Shabby Grace Blog

Want to join in?  Click the link below and post your DIY Wall Art.  We will be featuring our favorites throughout the week!

37 thoughts on “DIY Wall Art – Blog HOP!

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  2. Hi, Sara ~ I love this project! I never would have thought of using shim wood, but it looks amazing! And I like how you left the edges rough. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  3. What a great idea! I’ve been wanting to make a chevron/arrow decor for my home and love how you did it! Thanks for organizing this entire blog hop! What a success!

  4. Beautiful!!!!!!!! I love this tremendously! I will definitely be making this. Great use of those wood pieces and I love how you styled the shelf. Goes great for this weeks #Ourshelfies as well. You should post this to instagram with that hashtag before 8pm Thursday.

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