DIY Wall Art Flip Flop

Friends!  I have somethin’ real cool for you all today!  Remember when I did the “DIY Wall Art Hop?”  We had SO much fun doing this and had SO many people link up with their great ideas, we decided to keep the FUN going!  Each blogger picked a project posted on the Hop and used THAT as inspiration for our own wall art.  Each “Flip” is being revealed today!  Check out the flips below by SIX other fabulous gals!

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My inspiration came from A Shade of Teal.  What attracted me to her piece was the simplicity, it was neat AND different.  It’s a nice change up from using a normal frame for your print.  Great job Katy!

First, I searched for a free printable and I found this adorable one over at the 36th Avenue.


How easy is that?  The web is FULL of free printables that talented folks have made.

Next, I gathered the supplies.

1.  Jute Rope

2.  I spray painted two shim wood pieces matte black

3.  Gorilla Wood Glue

4.  Printable (I used matte photo paper)


I used the steps found on Katy’s tutorial HERE, with some adjustments.   I used Gorilla Wood Glue instead of a stable gun because the shim wood is too thin.  I also used shim wood instead of thicker scrap wood.  I cut the jute rope for my “hanger.”  On the back of one shim piece I glued the rope down.  Using my finger, I smeared and pressed the glue down into the rope.  The shim and paper are pretty light so this worked perfectly.


Finally, glue your art to the two shims and DONE.



Not ONLY do I think this project is super easy and cute,  it’s also WAY inexpensive.  Bonus!  Thanks for inspiring me Katy!

Love it? Pint it!


21 thoughts on “DIY Wall Art Flip Flop

  1. Hi, Sara ~ So, so cute! I love that printable! Great colors. Now, I want to flip flop this project, too. We might have to do another flip flop! :0) Have a great week!

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