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Hey guys!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  I actually turned my camera on yesterday, dusted it off and now I kind of forgot how to write a blog post!  Yikes!!!  It will all come back to me, hopefully.

Among the many things we did around the house the last couple months, one was this great little nook area.  I couldn’t be happier with this space.  It looks like it’s been there the whole time!

Let’s take a gander at the before!  A good before and after never gets old….

Con 3

The closet on the right, right before the front door is what we took OUT.  Yes, good bye bi-fold doors. I’ve always been a pretty simple person.  However, removing two closets and some cabinets in the laundry during this renovation has REALLY simplified our home.  I’m LOVING it.


This closet was full of RANDOM items.  We hardly use this door.  Only guest, really.

Our contractor really pushed to remove the header above the closet.

Initially, I didn’t think it was necessary.  But now that it’s removed, it makes the space.  I didn’t want it to feel like you were sitting in a closet.

EntryBeforeThis hallway already had board and batten.  I wanted the board and batten to wrap inside this nook to make it appear that it had always been there.

Now…. let me introduce you to beautiful and functional.


You guys, doesn’t it flow so well?


With our new “beachy” vibe going on over, I found these great pillows on clearance at good ol’ Marshall’s.  The buttons are mother of pearl.  #love



When I first envisioned this space, I wanted hooks along the top of the board and batten for coats.  But, after it was finished, I didn’t wanna “mess” with it.  Again, this space is for guest.  We use the mudroom for all our storage needs.  If there’s a lot of people coming over, we can use our bed for coats.


Shoes can be tucked under the bench and most importantly, there’s a bench.   I love having an area available to sit at when coming in and out of a door.

Thanks for stopping by!  I have lots of updates coming your way.

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26 thoughts on “Entry Closet Transformation

  1. Looks great…light and bright! Definitely opens your entryway right up, too! Love how the white trim makes your wall color really pop. Totally transformed that area and worthwhile!

  2. Hello Sara, WOW!!! What a transformation, the house looks great since I saw it last, I’m so happy for you, thanks for the great ideas,I can get some great ideas from you. take care.

      1. Hey Sara, Great to hear from you, I will not be able to make the wedding, I’m in class and work the weekend. I will miss seeing everyone. Have fun, send love to all. I hope your pregnancy is progressing without to much difficulty. I love seeing the progress of the house, can’t wait to visit, but I have to get through classes.
        Hugs to everyone, luv, Shelby

  3. I love how it turned out! It is good to see because I just removed the “closet” too to make an alcove for an entry bench. Now I need to get my butt in gear to get mine done 🙂

  4. This is ah-mazing!!! Gorgeous! This improved the space so much! I have been thinking about removing a small front entryway closet, that is too awkwardly located to actually use. I worried how it would look. If I can do it half as good as you I am fine. Love this idea! !!!!!

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