Farmhouse Master Bedroom Makeover Series [Fixer Upper Style]

And on to the next room….

We have been moving right along.  I finished the Playroom last month.  This month and some of next will be dedicated to our master.  The room, that never gets the love it deserves.   For us, when it comes to decision making on what room we are going to do, our master bedroom and bath always get knocked down the list.  Well, not anymore!

When we first moved in, we painted and purchased new furniture.  A BIG bed, dresser and two night stands.  I liked it at the time, just not our style anymore.  You see, my current style, I feel is “real.”  Before, it was a rushed process.  An unthoughtful series of decision making to “get the room done.”  Like, our half bath upstairs.  We gutted it about 4 years ago.  If I could, I’d gut it again.  Yikes!

Anyways, each Thursday, I will update you guys on our progress in this room.  I have a couple projects to get done and some items to find.  Both things, I love to do!


Let’s check this room out.  (These pictures were taken many years ago with an old iPhone.  It pretty much stayed the same though over the years)

Master Before Before 2

Holy dark colors.

Master Before Before

It’s not horrible by any means, just a little hard to look at now that I LOVE white.  And, I know some would prefer this style over mine.  It’s cool!

We did get new carpet in here about 2.5 years ago.  We regret not doing hardwoods.  At the time we got new carpet, we ripped out the carpet in the living room and replaced it with hardwoods.  Live and learn.

A couple months ago, we attempted to sell the whole furniture set with no luck.  We decided to keep the bed frame and one night stand for the spare room.  (Since we moved the spare bed into Eva’s room [Shabby Chic Kid’s Room].  The dresser and one night stand sold to nice young guy!

Once that sold, I pulled the trigger on the bed I’ve been eye ballin’ for a while, the Coleman Iron Bed for Pottery Barn.  Oh yahhhhhh!

Coleman Bed

We REALLY love our new bed.  It’s timeless and not as bulky as the other bed.  I can’t wait to get this baby loaded with new bedding – our old bedding just doesn’t do this bed justice!

Alright, let’s look at the room before construction started, shall we?

Master Before

As you can see, the black fan as been replaced with this Wood Beaded Corinne Chandelier from World Market.  Oh heaven!  This is the view when you’re standing in the doorway.

Master Before 5

Here’s your view when you’re standing in front of the big window.  Our master is on the main floor.  Our home is a “tudor” style home.  If you walk straight out of the room, there’s a small hallway that leads to the kitchen.  If you make a right out of the bedroom, it’s the front door.  On the other side of the wall to the right is Eva’s Playroom.  The room you can kind of see to the right is our sitting room, once formal dining room.  And if you make left out of our room, there’s the living room and stairs to the second floor.

Master Before 4

Well, there she is!  Have any idea what we did in here so far?  You know we Fixer Upper!  That’s your HINT!  Make sure to keep tabs and come back next Thursday.  Chow! I’m off to paint!

 Master 1 Header

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