My First Year in the Blogosphere [Happy 1st Birthday Shabby Grace]


Thanks for stopping by to celebrate!  I can’t believe it’s been a year since I ever so nervously hit the PUBLISH button for the first time.  It’s been fun, a learning adventure and SO much more.  I’m happy I found a place to share my love of home decor and have YOU as my audience as we slowly transform our builder grade home into a white – farmhouse – cottage oasis.  We spend so much time at home, we want to make it the way we LOVE it.

Joni, from Lay Baby Lay, stated in an article shared with me by my dear friend at Pig and Rabbit,

“I think the space you live in can greatly affect your emotions. I may be exhausted at times, but when my home makes me feel at peace and uplifted, it can make such a difference! I love inspiring other moms to make their homes beautiful. It’s not about being perfect, having all the right things or a perfectly tidy home, but it is about small things you can do to make it a joy-filled place where you feel recharged.”

I couldn’t agree more.  You see, there was a time when I had a career and was rarely home.  My passion for home decor exploded once I became a stay at home mom.  Being home, much more than ever, inspired me to want to create a home that feels fresh, bright and cozy.  It makes my heart happy.

Today, I’m being open and honest about my struggles, how I’ve grown, top post and my goals.  Also, leave a comment below!  Tell me what you like, what you don’t like and what you’d like to see more of from me.  I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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Time.  Could we all agree here?  I am a stay at home mom, but, life is busy.  Especially with a toddler.  Setting aside time to create, write and promote is a lot of work.  Work I do enjoy, don’t get me wrong.  But balancing it all and not feeling guilty about one area getting more attention than the other, is hard.  Sometimes, our house is a mess, the laundry needs done, dinner needs made, the dog needs out, my hubby needs something or my daughter is spending too much time on Youtube.  We shall survive….

My friend Sharon over at Pretty Practical Home once said that blogging is, “The World’s Most Time Consuming Hobby.”  YES, oh yes, it is…. 


I looked at my overall MONTHLY stats for the first time the other day for the whole year.  I think it’s funny that I never did that before.  The first four months were, let’s say, pathetic.  Pretty expected, right?  Then, I started to join blogging groups on Facebook and connecting with others.  Next, Emily, over at Our House Now a Home, started a home decor specific group.  This is exactly what I needed!  Thankfully, April at Uncooked Cutter invited me to the group and things started to change!  In September, due to a mix of my “Michigan’s Ultimate Shopping Guide” post, networking and reading a few books, my page views went WAY up and have stayed.  Seeing that bar graph gave me the motivation I needed.

Another success in my book, is the relationships I’ve developed within the home decor blogosphere.  We support, motivate and learn together.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I’m so fortune to have connected with them.  XOXO Love you GIRLS!


When you’re writing a blog post, you never know what is going to happen.  Honestly, post that I thought would do well, didn’t, and vise versa.  One thing that has definitely changed over the past year is my strategy on creating a post.  You want to create useful content (Annie Sloan Painted & Waxed Kitchen Cabinets – 6 Month Review) and post that keep people coming back (Michigan’s Ultimate Shopping Guide).  I still have a lot to learn, but I’m chuggin’ along.

Here’s my top Five Post:

  1.  Kitchen Reveal
  2. Michigan’s Ultimate Shopping Guide
  3. Annie Sloan Painted & Waxed Kitchen Cabinets – 6 Month Review
  4. My Shabby Cabs
  5. Thrift Store Basket Wall Art


Featured by Huffington Post:

Thrift Shirt Stockings

DIY Welcome Sign & Fall Porch Reveal

DIY Spooky Village

Thrift Shelf Makeover

A Modern, Bright & Fun Playroom

Thrift Store Rudolph Makeover

Featured by HomeTalk:

DIY Spooky Village

DIY Babyproof Fireplace

Repurposed Muffin Pan Organizer

Thrift Store Basket Wall Art

Kitchen Reveal

Featured by Yahoo Homemakers:

DIY Spooky Village

One post, that I thought would do well and didn’t, is my “25 Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas.”  Hopefully this summer it will take off with all the wedding craze. I think it’s an excellent post loaded with great ideas!


  1. Youtube Channel.
  2. Post more on social media.
  3. Post 2x per week on the blog, minimum.
  4. Prep blog post 2 months in advance.
  5. Create BETTER content.
  6. Better photography.  Practice makes perfect, right?
  7. Purchase more power tools & get some big DIY projects under my belt!
  8. Not purchase so much Fall decor this year!  #oops
  9. Attend a blogging convention.

I want to thank each and everyone of you!  For every comment, share, like and page view, it motivates me to create MORE!  I really enjoy this blog and I hope you guys do too.  Again, I’d love to hear your feedback, comment below.

7 thoughts on “My First Year in the Blogosphere [Happy 1st Birthday Shabby Grace]

  1. Happy Birthday Shabby Grace!
    My two favorite posts are 25 wedding ideas and kitchen reveal.
    I am happy you get to share what you love and are so great at.

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