Fourth of July – DIY Rug

Heyyyy!  Welcome back.  I took a little a break from the ol’ blog.  Did you miss me?  I thought so.  Ha! I spent some time cleaning, organizing, hanging out with my nieces and of course Miss Shabby Grace.  We did a lot of swimming and playing!

Well, Fourth of July is this weekend!  Do you have any plans?  We do and I’m super excited for this weekend.  Also, I made this cute little DIY rug for our back deck.  Come check it out!

First, I headed to HomeGoods.  I grabbed an inexpensive jute rug,

Rug 1

Next, I headed to Michael’s for some stencils, stencil brushes and paint.

Rug Items

I came home.  Laid the rug out and the hubs said, “What the heck?”  Just wait and see hubs!  Geezeee!

Then I got to taping.  Luckily, this rug has horizontal lines that I could work with.  Perfect!

Rug Taped

Next, paint!

Rug Paint 1

Once that dried, I removed the tape and tapped over the red stripes.

Rug Paint 2

Now, the STARS.  Man o man those stars.  The star stencil I bought was too small for the rug.  They weren’t showing well on the jute material.  I REALLY wanted the correct number of stars!  I could NOT find a star in our house to trace of use as a stamp.  I searched for an image on my phone and taped around it.  Pretty clever, eh?

Rug Star 1

Once I places the star on the rug, I KNEW I couldn’t get 5 rows of stars in due to the their size.  Darn.  But after ALL that I wasn’t going back.   On with the stars….

Rug star 2

Happy Fourth Friends!

Final 1 Rug Final 2 Rug Final 4 Rug Final 3 Rug Final 5

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Rug Collage

23 thoughts on “Fourth of July – DIY Rug

  1. I would love to do this for this weekend! It looks a little rustic, and a fun addition to the porch or entry way! Love the star taping on your phone lol! Gotta be resourceful when it’s time to craft! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. This is such a good idea especially the part about finding the right star on your cell phone and taping round it! And it turned out so well 🙂

  3. I love step-by-step craft tutorials with the pictures to match; wish I was that organized when I describe something! This is a very cool project, and I love 4th of July paraphernalia. Thanks for sharing.

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