A Functional and Bright Laundry Room Reveal

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It’s another makeover post on the blog.  I mean, aren’t these the best?  Really!

This room functions as both a mudroom and laundry room.  You enter this room through our garage. This space was NOT welcoming.  Especially after we makeover our Kitchen a year an a half ago.  This room transitions into the kitchen so it felt really dated once the kitchen was bright and lovely.

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While designing this room, I wanted it to blend with the kitchen.  Therefore, we purchased the same granite as the kitchen and the same subway tile.  I really feel this helps with the flow of the space.  The whole one side of our home is this room, our half bath and the kitchen.  And now, it all works together.  Perfect!


Before we started to work on this room, it was brown, white cabinets and a RED washer and dryer.

MR Before 4

We started by removing everything …. see?

We updated our washer and dryer with gray front loaders.  I did a lot of research on washer and dryers.  I really wanted a “table” over them and purchasing top loaders would eliminate that idea.  That wasn’t the only reason I went with front loaders, but it sure helped the decision.

When you first walk into the house, you see this closet straight ahead.

MR Before

We removed the closet.  This really opened the space up.

MR Before 2

We purchased a new cabinet and installed it.  Next, the subway title went up.

MR Before 3

I know I know, some people are thinking, you’re not going to add more cabinets?  Nope!  I wanted it simple and this room isn’t big.  I think by not having upper cabinets, it makes it feel larger.  Also, less cabinets means less stuff.  I like that!

A garbage drawer was added on the far right.  There’s really no place to put a garbage can in our kitchen so this was nice solution.  I know it seems silly to walk to the laundry room to throw something away, but it isn’t far and it’s hidden.  win win!


MR 3 (1)

And there ya go!  We enclosed the washer and dryer which created a large working area above them.  I knew I had to break up all that subway tile so by adding the floating shelf (that matches the table and bench top [you’ll see soon]) really breaks the space up.  Now, I didn’t come up with this idea myself.  I was very inspired by Jenna Sue Design Co. and her Laundry Room Makeover.

MR 17 (1)

The scones are a nice touch and add mood lighting.  Also, they help break up the space.

MR 15

MR 18

We installed the same faucet we have in our kitchen, but the smaller version.  We love this faucet so much.  It’s a Grohe faucet and you can’t go wrong with them.  Find it HERE!

MR 7

When I ordered the new washer and dryer, I didn’t realize that you add the detergent to the top of the machine.  Our solution to this was to add “flip tops.” The hinges were rusted for a character.

MR 10

It works great!

MR 11

MR 9

Let’s check out where we removed that closet!


MR Before


MR 4

OH I just love this space here!  It’s perfect to hang coats, bags and purses.  Also, having a little sit here while putting their shoes on is much easier.  And, well, I’ll be lugging a car seat around again come October so I think this space will serve as a good dropping zone for the car seat too!

MR 8

I wanted a little shiplap in this room.  It’s a small touch and I really like it…The cabinet on the very top is from our kitchen.  When we renovated that and purchased new appliances, our cabinet above the refrigerator needed to be replaced with a smaller cabinet.  Therefore, this little guy was sitting idle.  I wanted this “locker unit” to go all the way up to the ceiling but didn’t want two rows of baskets (that’s too high for baskets).  By adding the cabinet here, helped solve that problem!

MR 15 (1)

I was determined to find wire hooks.  These are clean and large.  It gives a nice french farmhouse look.

MR 16

MR 13 (1)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this space as much as we are!

MR 12

I always get way excited when it’s time to decorate.

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Also, I’d love to hear what you think of the reveal!  Thanks for stopping by!

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40 thoughts on “A Functional and Bright Laundry Room Reveal

  1. I think you put ‘detergent’ in your washer, not ‘deterrent.’ Or maybe you use some new product that’s a DIRT deterrent? I’d buy that!

  2. How is a laundry room so beautiful! I love the mix of the light and white of the subway tile with the warm wood. Gorgeous blend of the two! You are so talented!

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