Gallery Wall 101

Listen, I’m here to help you OUT!  I know some people are intimidated by Gallery Walls.  It’s scary to put a nail in and hope it turns out. You want it perfect.  You want to love it.  KEEP READING!

This is our wall.  It’s been this way since we moved in.  I want to repaint this hallway and change up the decor.  Here’s my thinking:  Put the gallery wall up, if I like it, paint.  If I don’t like, fill in the holes and paint.  You with me?



First. find your “core” pieces.  I prefer a gallery wall with a mix of pictures and “things.”  These “things” can be anything, get creative.  Start with your core items.  Place them on the  floor next to the wall you’re going to hang them on.


Here’s my core items.  Check out the dust on THAT picture! Whoa!  AnyWHO, spread them out, make them different heights.  Make sure they are different sizes and shapes.  I wanted this gallery wall to be “black and white.”  I have pictures with white mattes and some without.

Next, bring your pictures out.  Place them around your core items on the floor.  Keep moving them around until you like what you see.  Grab some painter’s tape, find your center picture (or close to) and tape around the shape of the frame.

GalleryTapingMake sure all four corners are pressed together (the two pieces of tape) and move this square to the wall.  Do this to all your pieces.  This gives you a great visual for how your wall will look.  It doesn’t have to perfect, level etc.  You will level your pictures after they are hung.  I moved my “tape pictures” around a couple times.  Here it is once I was satisfied.


Now, hang your pictures!  I also love using the Command Stripes to hang items on the walls.  NO holes!GalleryNail

I really like how it turned out.  Nice change to the hallway.  Now I can’t wait to paint!






Do you have a gallery wall?  Any tips for how you did it?  Thanks for stopping by!

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16 thoughts on “Gallery Wall 101

  1. I kinda feel like you did this for me 🙂
    Great idea with the tape! I think that will really help with the intimidation of placement.

  2. I have done something similar by cutting out pieces of newspaper that fit the sizes of my objects and using a small piece of tape to hang them on the wall. These are very easy to move around if you need to make adjustments.

  3. OK, so I follow you on Instagram and came over to check out your tablescape but found this while I was browsing around. So did you first apply tape to the gallery wall or only on the photo frames? Loves lovely, by the way!

    1. Thank you stopping by Zan!! I did each frame, one at a time. I taped the frame then moved the “taped frame” from the actual picture frame to the wall. One by one. This gives you a good visual, especially when it comes to spacing. You can then move the “taped frame” around on the wall as much as you need until you like it. I hope that helps! If not, let me know!

      1. Ahh, I think I got it now. But I guess I did not realize painter’s tape was re-positionable. So did you put nails after you liked the arrangement or what did you use to hang them? I am guessing you had to remove the tape, too right? I must have missed that in the post. Sorry, I just did a wall and you bet I have holes all over the place:=)

        1. Oh those nail holes! Yes, you can reposition painter’s tape! I used nails and some Command Stripes (which are awesome by the way). After the tape was where I wanted it, I did the nail hole, hung the picture back up and made sure it was positioned directly over the tape outline, or close. Then removed the tape and hung the picture back up!

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