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Welcome to the Happiness is Handmade DIY Gift Ideas Hop!  For this blog hop, I’ve teamed up with seventeen other fabulous bloggers to bring you EIGHTEEN awesome DIY gift ideas that will be perfect for your gift giving needs this holiday season!  You’ll find links to all of the ideas right at the bottom of this post!  Plus, as an added bonus, we’re giving away $180 PayPal cash to a lucky winner to help purchase supplies to make these gifts (or to use on whatever you want).

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I’m super excited to share with you a family tradition that we have been doing for many years. My mom, grandmother and aunt started this over 30 years ago.  Each year, we get together and make homemade chocolates for Christmas gifts.  Today, I’ll be showing you how we make one of our favorites, peanut butter cups!  These are awesome gifts and many people look forward to their box of candies from us each year.
Before I begin, I want to thank Bre Eggart from Average But Inspired for hosting this amazing hop and giveaway!  Now, get those aprons on, it’s time to get busy!

PC header
Supply List:
Chocolate // Peanut Butter // Fondant // Powdered Sugar // Candy Mold // Double Boiler // Spoon // Small Brush // Wax Paper
First, make your filling.
Me: Hey Mom, how do you make the peanut butter filling?
Mom:  Just add the fondant and powdered sugar until you get the right consistency.
Me:  Okay Mother ….
So there’s your warning, I don’t have specifics, but I doubt you can mess this up!
1.  Add peanut butter to a bowl.
PC Peanutbutter
2.  Add Fondant

PC Fondant
PC Fondant In
3.  Add powdered sugar
PC Sugar in
4.  Mix until the peanut butter is “fluffier” and less sticky.  It will still be sticky, but not SUPER sticky.  When adding sugar yumminess to peanut butter goodness, you can’t go wrong!  Here’s the final mixture.
PC Mix
5.  Get your chocolate ready.  Boil water on the stove.  While that’s boiling, add chocolate to your double boiler.  Once the water is boiling, pull it off the heat and add the chocolate/top piece on top.   Place a paper towel over the chocolate.  Check it every few minutes and give it a stir.  Don’t start until the chocolate is fully melted and creamy.

PC Chocolate
6.  Take a spoon and place chocolate into each mold.
PC Mold
PC Mold 1
7.  Next, take a brush and brush the chocolate up on the sides of the mold.  You want to cover the whole mold.  You also don’t want too much chocolate puddling in the bottom of the mold.  You’re creating a “shell” for your filling.
PC Mold 2
8.  Place the molds into the refrigerator.  Once firm, remove the molds and fill them with the peanut butter filling.  Be sure to leave a little room on the top, but put enough in that you can taste peanut butter, not all chocolate.
PC Mold 4
9.  Next, take your spoon and place a puddle of chocolate on each top.  Be sure to seal the whole peanut butter cup.
PC Mold 5
10.  Place them in the freezer until solid.  Unroll wax paper and place it on the table.  One the molds are ready, flip them over and pop them onto the wax paper.  If one or two are “sticking,” apply pressure with your thumb to the bottom of the mold.

PC Mold 6
There you have it!  Homemade peanut butter cups!  They are so yummy.
PC Final 1We purchase all our chocolate, fillings, wrappers and boxes from Lovegrove’s Cake and Candy Store in Swartz Creek, Michigan.  They have the BEST chocolate and I highly recommend them if you’re in the area.  They even offer classes.
All our goodies are packed into adorable boxes and hand delivered.  They make the PERFECT Christmas gift!
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18 thoughts on “Happiness is Homemade Blog Hop [Homemade Peanut Butter Cups]

  1. Oh my goodness – PB Cups are my FAVORITE!!!!! I love that you have such a special tradition to make all of those goodies for holiday gifts. That’s fabulous. And I was cracking up over that gigantic bag of chocolate you have. I would probably eat most of it before I even used it for baking. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your great gift idea!

    1. It’s so much fun! The bags of chocolate… this year we cut down BIG time on how much candy we made. We use to buy 60lbs and this year we only did 22lbs because it was way too much work! The kids love eating the chocolate before we use it! 🙂 But, after we make candy all day… we hardly eat any because we are sick of looking at it! LOL Thanks for hosting and stopping by!

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