How to Antique Furniture

I just adore antique pieces!  Trust me, I’d never paint an antique piece in good condition.   Let’s knock that out of the way.  However, sometimes you may want your piece to appear antiqued.  In that case, I’m here to help you out.

Last fall, I wanted a faux fireplace so bad.  I was redoing our formal dining room.  (Yup, again — quiet hubs) and thought this piece would be awesome in there.  Also, Christmas was right around the corner and I wanted to doll it up with some good ol’ stockings and such.  I would see them regularly as I shopped but wasn’t willing to pay high dollar.  I finally found one at Livingston Antique Outlet and knew it was the ONE!  I was SO excited to get it, I didn’t even think it would’t fit in the car.  Nope, didn’t fit.  Heart.Broken.  Oh, did I mention I’m almost an hour away from home!  Oh well, I made arrangements and got this beauty home the next week!


Listen, I knew Christmas was coming, but I was NOT digging’ the green and red.  Funny story, when I went back to pick it up, the women who I bought it from was actually at the front counter.  She asked, “Are you gonna paint it?”  Nervously, I said, “yes.”  She then said, “Oh thank god, my husband wanted it red and green so I just let him do it.”  Too funny.

Anyways!  I got her home, cleaned it and got to painting.  It was cold so I painted indoors once the babes was sleeping.  Luckily, with Chalk Paint, there’s no oder etc.  You can paint indoors!

Here’s what I did….

1.  Two coats of Chalk Paint (I did NOT use Annie Sloan paint because I was matching this piece with a table I purchased that was painted with another paint/color).

2.  One coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax (Let sit 24 hours)

3.  Mixed equal parts Annie Sloan Dark Wax with Mineral Spirits. (Pudding consistency)

4.  Using a brush, in small sections but long strokes, apply the mixture then wipe it off right away with a clean rag.

Side Notes:

–  Using mineral spirits, GO OUTSIDE.

–  I’ve head from others, never experienced it personally, that using the “eco-friendly/green” mineral spirits will do something to your piece.  Buy the “real” stuff.

–  Using clear wax BEFORE you use the dark wax, allows you to wipe off the excess dark wax you don’t want to use.  This is an important step.

One regret I have, I didn’t use one long stroke across the top of the mantel.  You can see where my brush strokes end and that bothers me ….

I just love the detail on this piece!

2015-07-31 19.58.01

2015-07-31 19.58.28

2015-07-31 19.57.49

HT Living Room 5This piece was in the formal dining room for a while.  I moved it in the living room under the TV.  Yesterday, I moved it again.  I love changing things up in the house.  Have you antiqued a piece of furniture?  I’d love hear about it!

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  1. I love it and mantels are so fun to decorate. I used to have a Victorian house that had three mantels for me to decorate at Christmastime and I loved that.

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