How to Apply Efex Furniture Appliqués

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  The Efex Furniture Appliqué and Weldwood Contact Cement were given to me by Pigeon in the Parlour in Holly, Michigan in exchange for this post.   These items, along with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can be purchased at their store.  All thoughts and opinions of these products are my own.  

Efex Appliqués are an easy to use decorative tool.   They are made from latex, which makes them easy to cut, if needed.   They come in different sizes, shapes and designs.  Efex Appliqués can easily enhance your furniture, mirror and so much more.

The other day, I came across this beautiful antique desk at the local Salvation Army. I grabbed the sticker and walked the rest of the store.  I returned the sticker thinking, “There’s no way I can bring another piece home.”  That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about the desk and I knew that my Efex Appliqué would be PERFECT on it.  The next morning I ran back up there.  It was THERE and  I was so happy!

Desk before

I was too excited to wait.  I began working on it right away!

After a good cleaning, I gathered my Efex Applique, Weldwood Contact Cement, a marker and tape measure.

Efex and Cement

I found the center of very front piece and made a mark.  Using the mark as a guide, I placed the appliqué where I wanted and traced it.  I accidentally goofed when tracing, but that’s okay because I will paint over it.

Efex Outline

Now, outline your marker line with the contact cement.

Cement Outline AD

Outline your Efex Appliqué with cement too.

Efex Back Cement

 Wait 15-20 minutes for the cement to get “tacky” then stick your appliqué in place. Make sure all the edges are pressed against the wood or item you’re placing it on.

Efex Before (1)

Now, you’re good to go!  I gave her two coats of Annie Sloan Old White and a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax.  Please note,  there are many things you can do to make your appliqué “stick out.”  If you added dark wax, the details would really show.  You could also layer it with different colors so when you distressed it, the other colors would pop through.  I wanted this desk to be simple.

Ex After

AD After 1 (1)

The drawer,  I sanded and added a layer of hemp oil.   The hemp oil really made it stand out.  Love Love!

AD Drawer After

AD Leg After

It’s great having my own little area that I enjoy blogging in!  This piece is a keeper!

AD After 2AD Final 3AD Final 5

Love it? Pint it!

How to Apply Efex Furniture Appliques

58 thoughts on “How to Apply Efex Furniture Appliqués

  1. That looks awesome Sara!! Love the applique. What a great way to add a little flair to an item. I’ll definately be checking them out. Thanks for sharing your talent and all the great stores to get all we need to recreat, repurpose.

  2. This looks fantastic! I’m always leery of painted furniture projects (despite doing them myself sometimes), but I love love love how you kept the drawer natural!! Looks fab.

    1. Thanks Erin!!!! No, I don’t. I get asked all the time and I wish I knew. It was painted 5 years ago and I even went downstairs to see if there was any left to get the name. It’s Sherwin Williams, I know that much!!!

  3. Sara,

    It’s amazing how you have the vision to turn a old piece of furniture to a great updated piece. The colors and finish came out fantastic.

  4. Love the desk! It’s beautiful! You have such an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing your work. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store.

  5. This really looks great! I love the added touch with the furniture applique. I love how it adds to the piece! Great job! I love the drawer being natural wood!

  6. Sara, your work is top notch and inspiring. Not only is this desk extremely beautiful, your instructions on applying the applique are helpful and easy to follow. My experience in DIY projects is very limited, but you make me feel like I can do them! Thanks for showing your tricks and techniques and please keep blogging your experiences. Knowing where to shop and exactly what I need to buy is great, and my to-do list is now growing!

    1. Heather, thank you SO much. It’s means a lot and I’m glad to hear that my little blog is helpful. I can’t wait to help you tackle that to do list. Once you start painting … it’s hard to stop! 🙂

  7. So beautiful! I love seeing before and after photos of DIY projects and this one is soo cute! I’ve been hunting for inspiration for furniture in our new apartment, and i love the combo of paint and original wood! Timeless! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, keep a eye out for older pieces or ones that could use a little love. It’s so easy and affordable… and not one else has it! Bonus! Hope you’re move is quick and easy. Glad you’re gonna have more space there! I keep thinking about that peanut butter pie… 🙂

  8. This one is DEFINITELY a keeper; I would have never thought of using contact cement, that’s smart. I like how you kept the drawer in its original state, and made the rest white.

  9. Hi, Sara ~ I LOVE this desk! I never would have thought to leave the drawer unpainted, but it looks SO awesome that way! And the Efex Applique looks so gorgeous and definitely adds that extra something special. Thanks for sharing!!

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