Wine Tote Inspired by Kate Spade

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Kate Spade.  What I think about when I hear this name is simple and sophisticated.  The simple touches she adds, makes a huge pop and catches my eye!  Her use of GOLD.  Oh. my.  And GOLD is so hot right now, y’all.

When friend Jess, over at Domicile 37, invited me to be apart of the Knock It off DIY Challenge, I was ALL for it.    Usually, I redo rooms, move decor around, paint furniture and up-cycle.  Knocking something off is totally new!  Yah, a challenge! I’m all about it.  This challenge will take place the second to last Tuesday of each month.  There will be a new brand or designer we knock off each month.  Cool, right?  Also, there’s tons of bloggers joining in the fun!


As I browsed the Kate Spade items, I really wanted something that was MY style.  Then I saw her Gold Dot Wine Tote.  Not only do I LOVE wine, but I had left over canvas from a drop cloth I just purchased and made curtains from (tutorial coming soon).  I decided, it was meant to be!  On top of that, my mom had gold fabric paint.  I had ZERO items to purchase.  #ohyeah

Cute, right?

I made this tote for about $2-$3 dollars.  Whoa? BIG savings!  I estimated the total cost as if I had to go purchase the items I used.

I cut the drop cloth based on the length and width of wine bottle.  I gave it some extra room.  Next, I made a handle and pinned the pieces together.

Kate Spade Wine Tote Knock Off Materials

After each piece was sewn together, I attached the handle.  Easy peasy.

Kate Spade Wine Tote Knock Off Before

I grabbed some paint and a brush and did some free hand dots!  I used my phone with an image of the original Kate Spade bag for reference.

Kate Spade Wine Tote Knock Off Paint

Simple and functional!  Would make a great gift too.  A DIY tote and some vino, my kind of gift!

Kate Spade Wine Tote Knock Off

Kate Spade Wine Tote Knock Off

My words of wisdom to you! Ha


Now, check out some more Kate Spade knock offs below!

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24 thoughts on “Wine Tote Inspired by Kate Spade

  1. Awesome! Every girl deserves a cute purse, and her wine does, too. 🙂 I have to say, I kind of hate sewing, but I think even I could get myself together for this one. Well done!

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