Michigan’s Ultimate Antique, Vintage, Shabby Chic & Unique Finds Shopping Guide!

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If you know me, you know I LOVE to shop.  I enjoy scoping out all the shops, big and small, whenever I’m in a new town!  When I first began this blog, I interviewed a few of my favorite store and booth owners.  I really enjoyed doing it and I will continue to do this as I love supporting and promoting their shops!  However, just like with anything, things change and life gets busy.  One question I do get asked often is, “where do you shop?”  To solve this, I figured I would make “Michigan’s Ultimate Shopping Guide.”  I will continue to update and adjust the list as needed.  I think it’s a great tool to have for all you shoppers out there!

So, what’s on this “Ultimate Shopping Guide” you might ask?  There will be NO big box stores listed here!  These are shops, primarily antique malls/thrift/consignment, with a mix of uniques stores that have great gift ideas, home decor and SO much more.  I frequent many of these stores on a regular basis.  (Shhhh, don’t tell the hubs!) Happy Shopping!

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Algonac, Michigan

Algonac Antique Mall & Trade Center:  1031 St. Clair River Drive; Algonac, Michigan


Armada, Michigan

The Lamb’s Tail:  18820 Armada Ridge Rd; Armada, Michigan


Birch Run, Michigan

Bloomin’ Treasures Antique Mall:  11900 Gera Rd; Birch Run, Michigan


Blissfield, Michigan

Blissful Living:  122 S Lane Street; Blissfield, Michigan


Brighton, Michigan

Green Door Studio:  6105 Grand River Ave; Brighton, Michigan

Britton, Michigan

Fleabay Resale:  120 E. Chicago Blvd; Britton, Michigan


Burton, Michigan

Colette’s Vintage:  5350 Davison Rd; Burton, Michigan


Byron, Michigan

The Rusted Coop:  15510 Lillie Rd; Byron, Michigan

Clarkston, Michigan

Bonnie & Clyde:  7150 N. Main Street; Clarkston, Michigan

Digs Consignment Studio:  6535 Sashabaw Rd; Clarkston, Michigan


Essence on Main;  4 S Main; Clarkston, Michigan


Rusty Relics Vintage & Antiques:  3779 S Ortonville Rd;  Clarkston, Michigan

The Birdfeeder & Clarkston Flower Shoppe:  7150 N. Main Street; Clarkston, Michigan


The Union General:  50 S Main; Clarkston, Michigan


Chelsea, Michigan

The Potting Shed: 112 W. Riddle Street; Chelsea, Michigan


Davison, Michigan

Harts Cottage:  320 N. Main Street; Davison, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Antique Mall:  828 W. Fisher Fwy; Detroit, Michigan

The Detroit Mercantile Co.:  3434 Russell Street; Detroit, Michigan


Junque Shop Antiques:  7807 Michigan Ave; Detroit, Michigan

Dexter, Michigan

Boxwood Cottage and Home:  3216 Alpine Street; Dexter, Michigan


Fair Haven, Michigan

The Attic Finds:  8832 Dixie Hwy; Fair Haven, Michigan

Fenton, Michigan

Fratz’ Consignment:  14219 Torrey Rd; Fenton, Michigan


Heavenly Scent Herb Farm:  13730 White Lake Rd; Fenton, Michigan


La Petite Maison:  107 W Shiawassee Ave; Fenton, Michigan

The Iron Gate:  103 W Shiawassee Ave; Fenton, Michigan


The Treasure Shack:  1440 Torrey Rd; Fenton, Michigan


Vintage Row:  1459 N. Leroy; Fenton, Michigan

Yesterdays Treasures: 300 S. Leroy; Fenton, Michigan


Sugar Shack:  15205 Charluene Dr; Fenton, Michigan


Flat Rock, Michigan

Motor City Antique Mall:  13431 Telegraph Rd; Flat Rock, Michigan

Flint, Michigan

Jewell’s on Miller:  4205 Miller Rd Suite C-12; Flint, Michigan

Fowlerville, Michigan

Six Corners Antique Mall:  5043 Warner Rd; Fowlverville, Michigan

Gaylord, Michigan

The Old Spud Warehouse:  314 S Otsego Ave;  Gaylord, Michigan


Goodrich, Michigan

Johnnie’s Daughter:  10240 Hegel Rd;  Goodrich, Michigan

The Yellow Dog Marketplace:  7285 S State Rd;  Goodrich, Michigan


Grand Blanc, Michigan

V Trading:  11805 S Saginaw Street; Grand Blanc, Michigan

Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan

Adore Eclectic Interiors: 20725 Mack Ave; Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan


Hadley, Michigan

Le Fleur Decor: 3442 Hadley Rd; Hadley, Michigan

Highland, Michigan

Fragments:  223 S. Milford Rd; Highland, Michigan


Odds & Ins: 114 S. Milford Rd; Highland, Michigan

The Artist’s Pallet:  203 S. Milford Rd; Highland, Michigan

Holland, Michigan

Cottage Roses:  170 S River; Holland, Michigan

Holly, Michigan

Don’t Stress, Distress Shabby Chic Furniture:  3240 Grange Hall Rd; Holly, Michigan

N. Reding & Son’s, LLC Vintage Industrial Uniques:  109 Battle Ave; Holly, Michigan


The Cottage:  203 S. Saginaw St; Holly, Michigan


The Shops at 101:  101 S Saginaw St;  Holly, Michigan


Pigeon in the Parlour:  110 S. Saginaw St;  Holly, Michigan


The Vintage Farm House:  310 S Broad St; Holly, Michigan

Howell, Michigan

Encore 118:  118 W. Grand River; Howell, Michigan

Livingston Antique Outlet Mall: 1825 N Burkhart Rd;  Howell, Michigan


Simply Charming of Howell:  115 N. Michigan; Howell, Michigan


The Roost & Company: 120 State Street;  Howell, Michigan

Hudsonville, Michigan

Painted Farmgirl:  3704 Chicago Drive;  Hudsonville, Michigan


The Found Cottage:  2450 Chicago Drive; Hudsonville, Michigan


Lake Orion, Michigan

The Angel, The Witch, The Old Crow:  20 N Broadway Street; Lake Orion, Michigan


Lansing, Michigan

Mega Mall:  15487 Old US 27; Lansing, Michigan


Lapeer, Michigan

The Peddler’s Place & Home Decor:  333 W. Nepessing Street; Lapeer, Michigan

Linden, Michigan

12 Consignment and Resale:  8337 Silver Lake Rd; Linden, Michigan

Memories and More:  918 N. Bridge; Linden, Michigan


Livonia, Michigan

Town Peddler Craft and Antique Mall:  35323 Plymouth Rd; Livonia, Michigan


Mackinac Island, Michigan

Little Luxary’s of Mackinac Island:  107 Main Street; Mackinac Island, Michigan


Poppins:  7388 Main Street; Mackinac Island, Michigan

Caddywampus:  498 Main Street; Mackinac Island, Michigan

Marine City, Michigan

Back Porch Antiques:  550 Broadway Street; Marine City, Michigan

Milford, Michigan

Home Sweet Tree:  335 S. Houghton St. Suite One; Milford, Michigan

Magnolia Manoir:  334 Union Street; Milford, Michigan


Milford Mills:  210 S. Main Street; Milford, Michigan


The Pink Peony Shop:  115 W. Commerce; Milford, Michigan

Your Nesting Place:  105 W. Huron; Milford, Michigan


Millington, Michigan

Antiques in the Village:  8549 State Rd; Millington, Michigan

Enduring Reflections:  8516 State Rd; Millington, Michigan

Mike’s Antique Mall:  8947 State Rd; Millington, Michigan


Ottawa Lake, Michigan

Butter Bean Antiques:  5541 Consear Rd; Ottawa Lake, Michigan


Oxford, Michigan

Forged, Vintage Chic Market:  115 S Washington; Oxford, Michigan

Plymouth, Michigan

28th and Chairs:  140 E. Liberty; Plymouth, Michigan

Town Peddler Craft and Antique Mall:  35323 Plymouth Road; Plymouth, Michigan


Rockford, Michigan

Bailey & James Boutique:  51 1/2 E Bridge; Rockford, Michigan


Romeo, Michigan

All Around the House Interiors:  111 S Main Street; Romeo, Michigan


Sisson Street Creations:  215 N Main Street; Romeo, Michigan


Two Romeo Girls:  227 N Main Street; Romeo, Michigan

Swartz Creek, Michigan

Memories Antique Mall:  4036 Grand Blanc Rd; Swartz Creek, Michigan

Washington, Michigan

Country Comforts:  67300 VanDyke Ave Suite E; Washington, Michigan

Waterford, Michigan

Digs Consignment Studio:  5433 Dixie Hwy; Waterford, Michigan

On the Hunt Antiques:  2592 Dixie Hwy; Waterford, Michigan


The Great Midwestern Antique Emporium:  5233 Dixie Hw; Waterford, Michigan


Where’s your FAVORITE place to shop??  Also, have a recommendation for the list?  Please let it in the comments below!

**If you are a store owner and wish to be added OR removed from this list, please contact me at shabbygraceblog@gmail.com.  Thank you!**

26 thoughts on “Michigan’s Ultimate Antique, Vintage, Shabby Chic & Unique Finds Shopping Guide!

  1. I just stumbled on Ultimate Materials Architectural Antiques in Depot Town portion of Ypsilanti. Beautiful things! 3 floors! I will go back!

  2. Hi!! This is a wonderful list!! I would suggest these Great Antique shops also!!

    Millington ~
    Mike’s Antiques and Old Goodies 8947 State Rd. Millington, MI.
    Enduring Reflections 8516 State Rd., Millington, MI.
    Antiques in the Village 8549 State Rd., Millington, MI.
    Klutterbug State Rd., Millington, MI.

    Birch Run ~
    Around the Farm 12025 Gere Rd., Birch Run, Michigan

    Waterford ~
    On the Hunt Antiques 2592 Dixie Hwy., Waterford, Michigan
    The Great Midwestern Antique Emporium 5233 Dixie Hwy., Waterford, Michigan
    Waterford Hill Antiques 5992 Dixie Hwy., Waterford, Michigan

    There are two in Oxford also! One that was Chic Antiques (new name & place). Maybe someone else could fill in those names!

    Thank you for making up your list! I will pass it on!!

  3. Oh, don’t forget Three Oaks….Poppy Hill Vintage, Blais, Blue Moon Vintage Market, Trilogy, Mazet….to name a few…. The town is loaded with vintage!

  4. Tons of these shops are amazing! Thanks for the great new shops to adventure to and I would suggest The Iron Gate Emporium heading into Frankenmuth on the corner of Birch Run Rd and Gera Rd on the East Side heading north, next to the mini golf. It’s the best one in the area, the selection is incredible.

  5. The Birds Nest located in Boyne City is a unique boutique with vintage inspired style clothing for ladies. It’s in a darling cottage decorated with vintage flair including the painted floors. A must stop when in the area.

  6. The Vintage Farmhouse 310 Broad Street. We only have been open for three weeks. I don’t own the shop but I am a vendor. It is a beautiful store with about 20 vendors and the kindest shop owners. This store is a must see!

  7. I am so out of the loop. Mr. Levi, I am waiting for you to make your arrival at Johnnie’s Daughter. Miss seeing your Mom and sister too! Tell Mom thank you for mentioning Johnnie’s Daughter on her blog. See you soon. Michelle’ aka Johnnie’s Daughter.

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