Milk Paint Makeover!

Milk Paint Makeover

I picked this little cutie up from an online site.  It’s been hanging solo for a while in the basement.  After finishing My Shabby Cabs, I took a much needed break from the paint brush!  I was eager to start again.  I’m always up for trying something new!  A local store, Rust to Roses, carries Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.  I grabbed some paint and hemp oil to give this baby some new life!  It had some missing hardware and trim…..

MMSMP Table 002

Because so much of the lower trim was missing, I just removed it all.  I like things to be “perfectly imperfect.”

MMSMP Table 009

I always clean my piece REALLY good.  I use TSP Substitute with gloves and a scrubber.  Then, rinse with warm water.

MMSMP Table 010 MMSMP Table 011

Again, I’m a rookie with the ol’ milk paint.  At first, I put powder into a plastic container, poured in the water and mixed with a spoon.  It would NOT mix.  My second attempt, I put water in a mason jar, then powder, put the lid on top and gave it a good SHAKE!  This worked perfectly.  Let the paint sit for 5-10 minutes to allow the pigment to deepen.

MMSMP Table 014 MMSMP Table 013

Milk paint comes in a powder form.  Mix equal parts water and powder.  The paint is “fresh” for about one week.  MMSMP carriers a bonding agent too.  I did not use this product.  Learn more about that HERE.

MMSMP Table 015

We are READY!  What a pretty color.  Apron Strings.  Something I’d not normally buy.

MMSMP Table 016 MMSMP Table 017

Honestly, what REALLY appealed to me with this paint is that you can achieve an authentic “chippy look.”  So, I HAD to attempt it.   I found an old sock and cut a small piece.  I applied a small amount of the hemp oil on to the sock and placed it on areas that I wanted to chip.  (Creating a barrier where the paint won’t stick)

MMSMP Table 018 MMSMP Table 020 MMSMP Table 021 MMSMP Table 022

Next, PAINT.  I gave this beauty two coats!  It dries quickly like chalk paint.   Can you see where it was “bubbling?”  OH YAH.  Chip.TIME.  I took some tape and wrapped it around my hand.  I applied light pressure to these areas to “pull away” the paint.

MMSMP Table 023

Now, my favorite part.  I took Annie Sloan Old White and a small paint brush  to complete the interior trim.  There is also ONE section of trim that is missing trim on each end.  I made two lines so that it appears there’s trim.  Shhhhh… Don’t tell anyone!  THIS my friends, MADE the piece!

MMSMP Table 024 MMSMP Table 026 MMSMP Table 028

Remember that sock I cut?  I stuck my hand inside, put some hemp oil on it and rubbed it into the table.  After I finished the whole piece I took a clean rag and wiped it again to remove any excess.

MMSMP Table 039MMSMP Table 040 MMSMP Table 042

Now LOOK at that beauty.  What cha think?

MMSMP Table 043 MMSMP Table 044 MMSMP Table 041

I’m REALLY glad I added the white detail.   I’ve been searching for new hardware with NO luck.  I’ll keep you posted when I find the PERFECT ones!

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9 thoughts on “Milk Paint Makeover!

  1. Great job! It looks fab!
    I checked out the Antique Mall in Rankin yesterday. It was a fun look-see. I bought a couple little things and told them I was there because of your blog.

  2. This is so beautiful! I also love the white detailing you did, it makes it all pop so much. I have almost a identical table in my home. Mine is painted turquoise blue, but the structure of it is so similar to yours. We have good taste!

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