My Home Style: Christmas Tree Edition

You guys!! I’m excited to join the “My Home Style” gals, hosted by the lovely Casa Watkins.  This month’s style is about showcasing our christmas tree!  I just adore christmas, our tree and decorating.  This my friends, is right up my alley.

If you’re coming over from Roots North and South, hello and welcome!

The three words I chose to describe our tree is retro, vintage and rustic.  I wouldn’t necessarily describe our home this way, (subtract the retro) but this christmas vignette is my favorite in the house!  We have three trees in our home, this one, one in Eva’s play room and then our family/memory DIY tree in the living room.

I LOVE having a pieces of history in our home and being Christmas, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My Tree Collage 2

Let’s start with our tree.  My lovely mother in law found this aluminum Christmas Tree at a garage sale last year.  I was overjoyed when she brought it over!

My friend’s mother gave me a box full of vintage Christmas goodies last year!   The bulbs and this tree…. match made in HEAVEN!

Tour 2 29

This year, I did find two new bulbs to add to the tree.  This little Andy is a cutie!

Tour 2 28

When it comes to tree “skirts,” I like to be different.  (Imagine that)  I was in search this year for a Coke-a-Cola create.  I felt that the red from the crate would be the perfect combo.  I couldn’t find one and settled on a Squirt crate.  It works great.  Side note, when I purchased the create, the next store I stopped at had a Coke crate.  Sad Face.

My Tree 1

I also like to have vintage coffee and flour sacks on hand when I’m decorating.  They come in handy, especially here!  I covered the base of the tree with a vintage flour sack.  I like this paired with the rustic crate.

My Tree 3

To top my vintage/retro vignette off, I added a Radio Flyer scooter!  The red is so vibrant.  The contrast of the red in this all white room is my go to decor move.  I love popping browns and black against white, but with Christmas, I used red!  Not my normal home decor color.  My whole Christmas theme this year was neutrals with pops of red!  Be sure to check out my Holiday Home Tours, Part 1 & Part 2.

Tour 2 26

The poster behind the bike?  My neighbor just gave that to me!  He and his wife were moving and they filled my arms with lots of antiques and vintage goodies.  It was like hitting the lotto in my eyes! This poster is so cool and fits well in this room.  How sweet of him?!

Tour 2 25

This room is now my favorite in the house!

Tour 2 16

Up next, Pocketful of Posies!  Be sure to stop over to her beautiful tree.

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59 thoughts on “My Home Style: Christmas Tree Edition

  1. Sara!! This is the most cutest tree vignette ever! I love the vintage, retro aspects and am loving all the extra goodies around the tree. I can’t even take the radioflyer scooter. So adorable. Great job. Thanks for participating in the My Home Style Blog Hop! Pinning and Sharing.

  2. Sara- this vignette is fabulous! Love every single piece of it. I can see why it’s your favorite! Those vintage ornaments have so much personality… Pinning all of this!

  3. I am in love with your vintage tree! I adore vintage ornaments and that little Andy ornament is too cute. And the crate and scooter were the perfect addition (Even though it isn’t a coke crate!)

  4. I love your enthusiasm. I am a bit of a christmas-decorations fan myself. Every year we get a huge 9-feet tall tree and decorate it as a family. But what about other rooms of the house? Don’t we want a bit of a holiday cheer in every room? Of course, we do! It’s hard to stop ….. Christmas decorations are so cute and inspiring. I have to build in holiday deadline. No more decorating after December 5th or else! I don’t know what “else” is but it has to be something very severe to prevent transgression….

    1. You’re too kind Eva! I totally agree, it is hard to stop, especially when you’re a home decor blogger! For me, after the home tour (blog) I’m done buying Christmas decor and decorating. Well, I might rearrange items because I’m ALWAYS doing that! I love that you’re passion is as big as mine! Happy Holidays.

  5. I love that tree in your photo! While I was growing up my mom always set up a small trees in mine and my brothers rooms. My was a silver one. Your picture brought back so many wonderful memories!

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