My Shabby Lights!

I finally have an update on the kitchen!  We have had a couple hiccups since I last blogged on My Shabby Cabs.  One being, our granite broke!  Whhhhhat???  Yup, broke.  Done.  Pick out new peeps!

The hubs and I were devastated.  We searched for MONTHS!  Well, guess what?  We found one we like BETTER!  Heck.  Yah.  Baby!

Final measurements – CHECK!

Install date – CHECK!

GraniteHere’s our final layout.  LOVE LOVE!  It’s light but has some black to tie into our black floor.  The different colored pieces on the right is for our 1/2 bath.  What cha think?

Now, LIGHTS!  Who ever built our beautiful little home, didn’t do so well in the lighting department.  Our kitchen had NO lighting.  We added recessed lighting and two pendants over the island.

Cabinet Before 2


After Lights


After Lights Close

Look familiar?  These were a part of “My Shabby Picks.”  So happy with our decision.  What a difference, eh? (Don’t mind the drywall dust, EVERYWHERE!)

Stay tuned! LOTS more to come!

8 thoughts on “My Shabby Lights!

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  3. Hi, I just saw your beautiful kitchen over on the Hometalk FB page. I was wondering about your new lighting. Did you have to redo the whole ceiling to cover up the old hole since your replaced the lighting over the counter? Also, you mentioned you added under cabinet lights too. I don’t see any mention of them here. Did the electrician do that for you as well? I really need to improve my lighting but cover the old hole concerns me as my kitchen is open to the rest of the house.

    1. Hi Anita, thanks for stopping by! No, we didn’t have to redo the whole ceiling. Our electrician patched the one old hole and cut out the new ones. Sorry, I forgot about the under mount lights. Our electrician installed them too. It’s a very small trip of LED lights, we love them!!! You can’t even tell where our old hole in the ceiling is it!

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