New Year New Room [Play Room Makeover – Week 2]

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Minted, Lampsplus and Framebridge.  I received wall art & furniture in exchange for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.  If a purchase is made through my links, I will be compensated at no additional cost to you.  Thank you for supporting Shabby Grace Blog.

It’s week two already and I’m beyond exited to show y’all the updates on the play room!  Eeeeekkk!

So, first, let’s be honest.  When we were on vacation, this room was painted and the woodwork was completed.  I didn’t do it.  That’s how I like to paint a room, you with me? LOL

To catch up on my plans and the good ol’ before pictures, check out my first post, HERE.There she is!  The color I chose is Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams.  Do you hear the angels singing?  I’m in lovvvvve with the new color.  It feels bigger and brighter.  Two things that can never hurt a room.

PR Paint

The chair rail is GONE.  Bye bye!  So happy I decided to have it removed.  It was one of those things where it was like, well, it doesn’t hurt anything so just keep it.  Nope, done, gone.

The new chunky trim and base is beautiful.  Crisp and WHITE.  We are transitioning all our base board to this right now.

PR Base

The window trim is looking great too.  The piece for the top is on backorder so that will be completed soon.

PR Window Trim

Here’s my design plan and thoughts.  Soft walls, a mix of black and white with pops of color from wall art and toys.

PR Makeover Collage
New Year New Room Challenge Playroom Makeover Update! The walls are painted Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. We have new base down and window trim. My design plan is up! A mix of black and white with splashes of color from art and toys. Art work sponsored by and

Let’s talk wall art.  This is SO important in any room.  Our group partnered up with Minted and I couldn’t be happier.  Their selection is great!  It’s been especially fun since I’m designing the playroom.  Normally, in case you’re new here, my rooms are pretty neutral.

My color palette for this room ALL started with this old license plate I purchased in Aruba.  Pretty cool, eh?

PR Plate

Knowing this was going on the wall in her new room, it helped me focus on which art work from Minted would work best.  My tip to you is to find something you love and work around that.  Currently, all my art for the gallery wall is laying on the floor next to the wall it’s going on.  I keep moving it around until I find the perfect configuration!  Don’t rush your gallery wall.  If it looks good, let it sit for a couple hours and see if you still like it the next time you walk into the room.  Also, snap a picture of the layout for reference later.   Have pictures on my phone of my top layouts and comparing them quickly is helpful too.  For more tips and ideas for creating the perfect gallery wall, read my post HERE.

Let’s check out the art I chose from Minted:

Stacked  //  Best Version  //  Pinning for Pineapple  //  Sweet & Bubbly

I wanted to tie in the red and white from the license plate.  All the art is framed in clean, white and modern frames.   The books, best version quote and pineapple will be a part of a gallery wall.  The pineapple is “fresh” and goes along with the Aruba theme.  I really like the pineapple mixed in with the black and white theme.  ALSO, our AWESOME babysitter, who Eva adores, loves pineapples and now Eva does too!

The gum ball machine picture will be hung above Eva’s desk a long with this awesome picture of Eva and her dad, from Framebridge.  Framebridge takes photos from your Instagram account or an image from your computer,  frames and delivers it.  Easy Peasy.  There’s so many great frames to choose from too.  I went with a black modern frame to contrast with the white frame the gum ball machine will be in and of course to go a long with the black and white theme.
PR Instagram Frame

Finally, I received this Beautiful White Desk from Lampsplus!

PR Desk

They have SO many desk to choose from.  Be sure to view their selection of Desk and other Furniture.  This is the PERFECT addition to Eva’s room.  It’s slightly big for her right now, but she still enjoys sitting at it and doodling.  She will grow into it and I love that.  I know she will be using this piece for a long time.  It’s white, clean and simple.  Just like this room!  When choosing a piece of furniture for a space, beware of proportion.   Does the furniture “fit” the space?  A piece that too big or small tends to look awkward.

I have plans to add black shelves above the desk for art supplies.  Especially the ones I don’t want her into unless she’s supervised.  Markers. Paint.  You feel me?

PR Sponsors

I feel like the room is really starting to come together.  I have found SO many cute little items to decorate this room and it’s killing me that I can’t put it all together yet!  Today, I plan getting some things up on the wall.  Yay!  I’ll keep y’all posted.  Stayed tuned. Next Tuesday, more updates!

Below are the links to other rooms in the New Year New Room Challenge.  Be sure to check out their progress, I know I can’t wait to see how they are doing!

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28 thoughts on “New Year New Room [Play Room Makeover – Week 2]

  1. I can’t wait to see the window all framed in, that alone is going to make a big difference in the room.
    I will be checking out framebridge.
    Cute wall art, Shelby must be proud 🙂

  2. It’s so beautiful! I love the trim, and high baseboards! Two things I have slowly been working on convincing my husband of for our own home. Haha! I’m really excited to see what you have to share with us next week!!

  3. I love the carpet you chose…I have been eyeing that rug!…and the art, love it! I cannot wait to see what you do and how you incorporate your kids toys into the space.

  4. Sara! First of all – total score with that license plate! I love that it was your inspiration piece 😉 Your minted art is going to look fab! I’m so with you on how fun it can be doing kid’s spaces – bold, bright & crazy – anything goes!! Its looking awesome and I can’t wait to see it all wrapped up next week! -Rachael

  5. Yay for fresh paint and baseboards!!! Love the design plan and the rug, and your art work is going to look great–can’t wait to see it all finished!

  6. I’ve been to Aruba too! Love your inspiration piece and you did such a good job finding fresh and modern art prints to go with it. Probably not the easiest task with a such a bold color! The baseboard, window trim, and wall color are such a sophisticated backdrop. I can’t wait to see it all put together.

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