New Year New Room [Playroom Makeover – Week 1]

I’m backkkk!!!! Yay, it feels SO good to be back home.  We had a great time and I missed you all!  It was a beautiful break from the everyday normal around here.  We enjoyed lots of sun, beautiful beaches and learned a lot about each island.  Getting off the plane yesterday in freezing cold Michigan was quite the shocker!  Holy Moly!

Well, it’s 2016.  I have a few goals in mind for the blog AND I’m excited to work on new projects around the house.  I’ll keep you posted on those goals, but for now, let’s talk PLAYROOM.  Miss Eva is getting a playroom makeover.  I mean, she pretty owns  Right?  I’m also teaming up with some other ladies for a “New Year New Room Challenge.”  I’m stoked!  Not only am I excited to get this room whipped into shape, but also to see what my blogger gals are up to in their space!  This will be fun guys.  Each Tuesday in January, we will keep you posted.  Last week in January, the big REVEAL people!  That means, I gotta get to work.

PR Before Header

Let’s check this room out!

PR Before 1


When we first moved in, we painted this room.  Our whole house was brown.  Back then, I was more “Pier 1 – ish” in my decor style.  I didn’t realize our house was so brown until my friend’s husband came over and sarcastically asked if we liked the color brown.  YIKES!

This room is “suppose” to be the office.  Before Eva was born, we had a desk in here.  That’s it.  When Eva was about four months old, that idea hit me to send the desk up stairs and make this into a playroom.  It’s a great size room, on the main level and a perfect spot to hide all the toys with an easy shut of the door.

PR Before 3

This room has evolved with Eva’s age.  All the “baby” toys are now in boxes in storage.  I try to rotate toys.  Many of them are in the basement.  I want this room to be “simple” and clean.  Not full to the MAX with toys.  I want it to be fun, bright and full of color.  This room will be much different than the rest of our home.

PR Before 4

Knowing I was redoing this room shortly, I stuck her art work and name banner on the wall.  No, that’s not how I decorate! LOL  — Looks pretty sad, eh?

PR Before 2

Okay,  ready for my vision?  Here we go …..

  1.  New Paint
  2. Remove Chair Rail
  3. New Base Trim
  4. Trim the Window
  5. New Desk
  6. Gallery Wall
  7. Area to Display Eva’s Artwork
  8. Larger Area Rug
  9. Create Centers:  Art, Kitchen, Reading, Baby etc.

I think we can accomplish this!  You with me?  Let’s do it!  Be sure to see the other game plans below and check back next Tuesday for an update on the playroom!

New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge Participants:


24 thoughts on “New Year New Room [Playroom Makeover – Week 1]

  1. This is a fantastic room! Love the window and the high ceiling. The balloon stuck up there in these photos made me smile. Clearly it’s a well-loved room. 🙂 I’m also hoping to (get my husband to) replace our baseboards. Will we make it???? Not sure. But I’m so excited to see how yours turn out and to find out more about your decor choices!

    1. LOL Oh my gosh, I didn’t even notice the balloon!! I guess you can say it’s well loved, LOL. Too funny. I’m excited to see my vision for this room come together, more on that next week, oh yah! Thanks for stopping by and I’m excited to follow this challenge!

  2. This is a great playroom and I am SUPER excited to see all the fun things you plan to do to this space. I really love that little corner by the window. I can see all the possibilities. Excited girl!

  3. This is going to be great! I love your ambitious list – good for you! Can’t wait to see your paint & new baseboards & trim – it’s going to be an awesome transformation! Plus, I think kids’ spaces are the most fun 🙂 good luck & I can’t wait to see where you are headed!

  4. This is going to look so wonderful! My son only plays in his playroom (upstairs) at night, which means my living room (downstairs) is his daytime playroom. Haha! I wish I had made the decision to make it on the same level like you have. I can’t wait to see everything come together!

    1. Well, I have to admit that Eva doesn’t go in here THAT often. Usually he toys are dragged out into the living room too…. Our bedroom is on the main level so we are never upstairs. I just hide toys up there to rotate later …. the room does get used when I host play dates tho! I’m hoping she uses it more.

  5. Well, friend you have a great room to start with! That window is so fabulous probably very bright in here. Can’t wait to see all the changes you do…it’s going to be fabulous!

  6. How lucky to have a room with such a pretty window for a playroom?! Eva’s so cute that I’d let her have that room, too. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you create in there–I know it will be lovely like the rest of your home!

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