Newspaper Christmas Wrapping Paper

This time of the year is is busy busy!  There’s lots of decorating, shopping, meal prepping, traveling etc.  One thing that usually get’s left till the last minute is wrapping the gifts.  Wrapping paper doesn’t have to be a roll of paper from the store!  There’s many creative ways to present a gift.  Luckly, this month’s Junk Revision Challenge is just that!

Junk Visioniaries

This project was inspired by my daughter’s teacher.  Last week, we made wrapping paper and cute little name tags using their thumb print!  It’s the most adorable thing ever!  Instead of using white paper, like we did at school, we upcycled newspaper!

Wrap Header 1

Here’s what you’ll need!  A cute little toddler (okay, anyone can do this!), cookie cutters (we grabbed some from the Dollar Store), paint and newspaper.  Let’s get going!

Wrap Supplies

Eva always wants to paint.  I had no problem getting her involved with this project.  Plus, I think it makes it extra sentimental.  Maybe we can wrap grandma and grandpa’s present with it.  So cool!

Wrap ready

Make sure to move to cookie cutter around in the paint.  You want to cover the whole cutter.

Wrap stamp

wrap stamp 2

Ta Da!

wrap 1

I just love this concept and that your littles can help!

Wrap 4

Miss Eva thinks these are HER presents.  It’s time to hide them!  Each day is a battle of, “me open present mom?”

Wrap 2

You could mix colors – the options are endless.  I only had red on hand!

wrap 5

Wrap Header 2

I hope I’ve inspired you to look at wrapping gifts differently!  I’ve been inspired by all the ideas below!

20 thoughts on “Newspaper Christmas Wrapping Paper

  1. This is such a great idea to get the kiddos involved – I love using the newspaper and the cookie cutters – the possibilities are endless. Cathy

  2. SO much fun! I LOVE it! now where can I find me a cute toddler to help do this?!! MY toddlers are all grown up into big kids (my ‘baby’ is 10) but hey they’d love to do this too I bet! Super duper great idea and I’m so glad you shared!

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