Our Journey Home

In under a year…. we sold, moved,  sold and moved again….

Today, I’m sharing the details of this crazy journey.

First, let’s rewind to February 2016.  I was blogging non-stop.  Then, I got pregnant with Levi.  I was SICK.  So sick, that I lost my motivation to keep this little blog of mine moving.  We remolded our home and I updated y’all a little bit over the course of the renovations.  I was totally in love with our home.  It was beautiful, bright and customized to our liking.

Now, a little about my husband and I.  We LOVE homes, real estate, decor etc.  A fun evening for us, is grabbing a coffee and driving our little town, looking at houses.  We have always fantasized with the idea of moving.  A bigger home.  Open floor plan.  Pool.  On and on ….

May 2017

Our friends share they put an offer in on a house and there’s one for sale two doors down.  Our heads start to spin….

We looked at a house on a golf course.  The pictures were amazing.  Once we got there, the remodel was SLOPPY and the idea of living on a golf course (Literally, the green was in the backyard) became a big no no.  My kids not having a yard.  Balls.  noise.  And, finally, we aren’t even golfers!  (Seriously Sara??)

Then, we looked at the house two doors down from the one our friends put an offer in on.  Picture this …. It’s a HOT summer day.  We pulled into the subdivision and it was popping with kids and golf carts.  The pool was across the street from the house.  It was full of families.  The brick color of the house was beautiful.  I know that sounds weird but that’s something Aaron and I didn’t like about our current home.  It was new and fresh.  We walked in the front door and headed into the living room.  The area was completely open to the kitchen and dining room.  Once again, our heads started to spin.  It was exciting.  It was BIG, a beautiful deck, our friends would be moving in down the road, the neighborhood was full of kids.  OMG this is amazing!

June 2017

The 1st of June, we put an offer in and it was accepted.  We had to sell our home.  It went up and sold within 6 days.  Our friends, unfortunately, their house didn’t sell and they didn’t get the house down the street.

August 2017

We move.

November 2017

I finally shared with Aaron that I wasn’t happy in the house.  This is where people have lots of questions for me.  Understandably.  “Did someone do something to you, Sara?”  No.

My answer is, I trusted my gut.  I NEVER felt “home” there.  It felt as if I was living in a hotel.  That feeling of home is SO important to me.  I would long for that feeling.  I was lay in bed at night looking at old pictures of us in our old house trying to get that feeling from the pictures.  I felt guilty for trying to feel this and then having to tell my husband, who works his ASS off, that I don’t want to live in this BIG BEAUTIFUL home!  Yikes.

When I shared the news with him, in tears, he was shocked.  (I mean, who wouldn’t, right?)  But in true Aaron fashion, he wanted to make it right.  Aaron didn’t mind living in that house, but he didn’t want me to  feel that way.

We debated on what to do.  It was almost winter time.  Sell a house in winter?  A house in a country club community…..  How are we going to do this?  This house won’t be as easy to sell as our last house!  I looked at houses for sale all the time.  I knew there was a nothing I was interested in on the current market.

One day, my daughter and I got to school early.  So, we headed down to see Eva’s old teacher, who was also our old neighbor.  We were chit chatting and she was saying how she misses us etc.  Then, her co worker asked how we liked our new house.  I lost it ….  internally.  If no one was around, I would have broke down right there.  I shared a little with them that I wasn’t happy.  Our old neighbor told us to look at the house currently for sale in our old neighborhood.  Once again, my head was spinning…..

I dropped my daughter off, got in the car and looked at the house online that was for sale.  Then it hit me, OMG, this is actually Aaron and I’s dream house.  Could it be?  We always wanted a ranch, spilt (Master on one side and kids on the other), finished walk out, high ceilings and open floor plan.  It has a great yard and was back in our old sub.  Hmmmm….. I shared this with Aaron and he really thought I was crazy. LOL

Let me add…. after remodeling a home, then moving into a new(er) build, we knew we wanted an older home with good bones, that we could remodel and make ours.  I wanted to pick out the cabinets, countertops etc.

A couple days later we looked at this house.  We made an offer and put our house up for sale at the end of December.  We had to sell our house in order to get this one…

Some days, I would drop my daughter off at school and drive our town.  I would look at every subdivision.  I didn’t want to make a mistake with this move.  I didn’t want to let my husband down, I was kind of embarrassed by it all, honestly.   I would drive and drive…..  I soon came to realize that our old subdivision was pretty…. perfect.  The location to the highway, downtown, the schools and not to mention, we loved our neighbors.

After realizing this, we reached out to old neighbors.  “Does anyone wanna make a deal with us???”  One neighbor said, “‘so and so might be moving.’  I’ll keep an ear out!”

In the mean time, our home didn’t sell and our offer expired on the ranch home.  We didn’t do anything at this point, to give the market time to sell our home.  Then, our house sells.  Aaron is nervous.  I’m not.  I’ll rent.  We will figure it out.  I had faith in the whole process.  What was meant to be, will be….

Now that our house is sold, we put another offer in on the ranch, but they won’t respond.  At this point, our relator is demanding we look at other houses.  After I fight him on it, I agree.  Yup, we gotta go look…..  On a Wednesday during the day, we agree to look at houses that Friday.  Thursday, we get a text from our old neighbor.  “I ran into ‘so and so’ at Costco and I mentioned you guys wanted to move back into the subdivision.  I asked if they were still planning to move into their lake house and she said to forward her information to you guys!”  We contacted them and set up an appointment to see their house that Saturday at noon.  At this point, I honestly didn’t have any feelings toward this option….

Friday comes …. we look at houses.  I’m not impressed.  While looking, the realtor calls from the ranch house, and they accepted our offer…..  (Seriously – it had been weeks at that point)

Saturday comes …. we walk in the house (Which is next door to the ranch – get out, right??)  and I instantly feel at home.  I didn’t get this feeling at the ranch….  The couple was SO nice.  I’m not sure how we never met them prior, since we lived in the subdivision for 7 years.  When Aaron and I walked into the master bedroom, we both looked at each other and said, this is it!!!!!!!

Monday, we revoked our offer on the ranch.  Tuesday, the couple came over to our home and we made a deal.  They built the house.  And when they did, their kids were the same age as ours!  They were so happy to give the house to us and we were so happy to have it!  They bought the house he grew up in on the lake and they had been renovating it for five years.  They needed a push to finally move into the house.  They said they probably would have never made the move if they didn’t meet us.  How perfect!

We are currently living (Happily) in the basement, which is finished, a walk out and has a full kitchen and bath.  We are remodeling the whole main floor.  It’s really a dream come true.  We are so happy to be back in our old neighbor.  We appreciate it all so much more.  I’m thankful that I went through all this to gain the perspective I needed.  Our kids are constantly out running with their friends.  And, the family that bought our old house (the one we remolded) have become our good friends.  I even did laundry in my old laundry room the other day! (Since our laundry room is under construction).  They have taken good care of the house and made it their own.  And, finally, the family the bought our other house, are super sweet and love their new home, too!!!  They have a growing family and need ALL that space!

This WILL be our forever home and I look forward to sharing the transformation with you guys!




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  1. Wow! What a story. I don’t think I would be happy living on the golf course either. My husband and I do love an older home also. I think it is really nice that it all worked out. I can not wait to see your updates. Congratulations on your new home!

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