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And, we have a toddler just like that.  Seems like yesterday we were finally bringing her home from the NICU.  So now, here we are transitioning her nursery into a toddler room.

I won’t lie.  We co-sleep.  Eva has NEVER once slept in her room.  After coming home from our vacation last month, I decided it was time to “work” on getting Miss Eva into her own bed.  Her room is upstairs and our master is on the main level.  This has always been difficult for me.  We started to work on it and we were doing alright.  We get up a lot in the middle of the night and sleeping next to a monitor is near impossible for me.  I think this whole transition is harder for me than her.

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When I designed her nursery, I wanted it to be a space that would grow with her.  I didn’t want to add any Disney characters or heavy theme.  It’s okay if you do, it just isn’t my thing.  By keeping it simple and neutral, it allows for an easier transition once you’re done with the nursery.  Plus, you never know what they are going to be into, right?  Frozen, oh my!  Also, I say pick a neutral crib, dresser etc.  This way, regardless what sex the next child is, they can use the same crib!

Here’s her room before:

Her room is pretty much the same except for the bed.  We purchased a queen size bed before Eva was born so my mom had a place to stay while she helped us with our newborn.  Once we moved the crib out of her room, we moved the queen size bed into Eva’s room.  And, now that we are trying to get Miss E to sleep up there, it’s time to make it cozy.

While shopping at Target a couple weeks ago (imagine that), I found this lovely bedding.  I’m serious, it matches perfectly.  It’s adorable, shabby and adorable.  Did I mention it’s adorable?  There were two options for her comforter so I let her pick.  I’m happy with her choice!

Of course, there was a matching canopy and we HAD to get that!

Eva Val 13

Since we were adding “older” touches to her bedroom and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I had an idea for an early gift.  I figured the idea is different, it would last forever and be meaningful.

Eva Val 11

Aren’t they lovely?  Eva just loves her new art work!  How can’t you, right?  The matte brass frames are to die for!  I can see these being used for many years to come.  Maybe one day, she can put these in her daughter’s room.

Val Eva 1

The art work is from Minted.  Top:  Hugs and Kisses Heart  //  Bottom:  Love you Always

The gold is foil.  It’s the perfect match for Miss Eva’s gold and pink room.  To me, they are timeless and classic.

What a unique idea for Valentine’s Day, right?  Minted has some of the most amazing pieces!  Independent artist submit their work and Minted sells their art/frames, uses the art to create home decor and stationary.  Such a cool concept.  Their products are fresh and hip.  Their framing and service is top of the line.

Be sure to check out their Valentine’s Day Cards and Classroom Valentines cards.  Could they be more darling?

Eva of course will get some other goodies on Valentine’s day, including her favorite, M&Ms.  This girl is in LOVE with some M&Ms.  But, we want her to know that “We love her always.”

Eva Val 2

And that “Hugs & Kisses” from HER are the best!

Eva Val 5

We are STILL working on moving her up to her “big girl” room.  Regardless if she’s sleeping in there, it’s beautiful.  And, Grandma still has a place to sleep when she’s over, right?

Eva Val 6

Eva Val 3

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  I think it’s a good reminder to tell the ones you love that you love and appreciate them.

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