Shabby Counter Stools!

Counter stool hunting is complete  Thank,goodness.

Do you ever get “gun-shy” when purchasing items (especially ones you sit or lay in) ONLINE?  “Return for store credit only” YIKES!  That’s.scary.crap.yo.

My Needs:

1.  Backs on the chair

2.  Gray or Gray and Brown

3.  Sturdy

4.  Not Ga-Zillion Dollars!

SG 2 018

There’s a lot of gray in our granite.  We did gray grout with our white subway title so I thought it would be nice to pull from that.


Listen, I REALLY wanted this style (Remy Stool).  But, to be honest, we sit and our guest sit at our counter A LOT.

I ordered.  They came.  We sat.  They wobbled.  They were cold.  Uncomfortable.  We returned.

Good news.  Restoration Hardware’s customer service is amazing.

I’m a master shopper.  I looked FOR.ever.  I can’t even believe where we found them!  TARGET.

They came.  I put them together..  We love.  [link HERE]

SG 2 009 SG 2 011 SG 2 010 SG 2 013 SG 2 017

Our kitchen table is brown, along with my DIY Barn-wood shelf, so having the brown and gray contrast is PERFECT!

What do you think?  The WHOLE kitchen reveal is coming soon!  I know you can’t wait…..

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12 thoughts on “Shabby Counter Stools!

  1. I laughed so hard when I read “that is scary crap yo”. You are so funny! I really like both of the chairs, but the one’s you ended up keeping seem great. They do look a lot sturdier. I have been eyeing chairs similar to the ones you returned but felt that they were not long term comfortable, made for people with any kind of junk in the trunk, and wondered about the sturdiness. Love the color for your stools.

    1. Glad I could make Ya chuckle! It really does freak me out

      The Remy stool is def hot right now but not too hot on the booty!!!!

  2. I love the look of the restoration hardware ones but they do look uncomfortable! the ones you ended up with are perfect! We bought stools for our kitchen from Walmart that are wobbly and I would love something more substantial like what you got!!

  3. Love the stools! Now I can’t wait to see the reveal. I think online shopping for furniture is scary but for many people, like me, it’s a must. Got any good tips?

    1. Thanks Megan! I can’t wait to get the kitchen ALL together after the construction is complete in the mudroom! Tips? Make sure you can return. I always search for items that already have reviews!

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