Shabby Vines!

Trellis Coll

I have a new obsession….  Trellises!

It all started with Pinterest.  That DANG Pinterest.  You gotta love it.

Pinterest:  “Helping me procrastinate… even more…. since 2010”

So, listen to this.  Last year I HAD to have a vegetable garden.  My daddy-o came over and built me this beautiful raised bed.  The hubs, Eva and I headed down to the Detroit Eastern Market and bought some lovely organic vegetables.


[Check out that beauty]

 The end result.  Our veggies tasted like chemicals because of our lawn being sprayed.  YUCK!  Our garden became the feeding grounds for all wildlife, including our neighborhood peacock, Louie.


[Louie on our back deck thinkin’ he’s somethin’]

This year,  NO GARDEN.

What to do with the raised garden? I’m NOT a gardener but I do LOVE design.


[I’m totally smitten with the Clematis Vine.  Source HERE]

Oooo… and if I did THIS, I would need a trellis!  JACK.POT.

Trellis 1 Trellis 2

Isn’t she a beauty?  I found her on Amazon, HERE.  She’s currently in my “Shopping Cart.”

Now, I’m sure you know, but I LOVE up-cycling.  I want to share these awesome ideas I found for trellises!  Oh.Em.Gee.

Trellis 3

[Up-cycled Garden Fence – Stunning! Source: HERE]

Trellis 4

[Vintage Window.  Source: HERE]

Trellis 6

[Re-purposed Ladders.  Source: HERE]


[Upside Down Shovel – Source: HERE]

Trellis 7

[Re-purposed Screen Door – LOVE LOVE.  Source: HERE]


[Bed Springs – Seriously? My FAV!  Source: HERE]

Aren’t these adorable?  Do you have any Clematis in your garden?  A trellis?  I’d LOVE to hear about it!

11 thoughts on “Shabby Vines!

  1. I love clematis and was so thrilled to find one in our newly acquired flower bed. I had an old trellis that I brought with us and wallah – instant beauty. I do love these DIY trellis they are all so inspiring – may have to rethink mine.

  2. Clematis is definitely one of my favs! I had 3 in the garden of the house I just moved from. I can’t wait to plant more. Oh my gosh that red screen door is perfect…a pop of color and height all in one, not to mention the beautiful summer-long blooms. Love!

    1. Oh No Meghan. What a bummer to move from those! Your gardens at your old home were beautiful. I know you’ll make more beautiful gardens at the resort. That screen door is pretty amazing. If my space was bigger, I’d be doing it!!

  3. Oh no, bummer your vegetable garden did not work out. We were going to put one in this year, even made the raised flower bed. But then I realized I have 3 kids, a DIY blog, my husband works, and we are going on two vacations this summer. I have zero time to maintain it. I am bummed, but have high hopes we can make it happen next year! I love that you have a neighborhood peacock, that is amazing! I am in love with trelis’s also. I am wanting to put one over our backdoor and hang wisteria on it. I think we may actually do it!

    1. Yes, I hear ya. SO much to do! If you put one up I’d love to see it Emily! Our peacock is a hoot. He’s been here for three years. People will come over and say “There was a peacock on your street…. ” Us: Oh yah, that’s Louie! LOL

  4. We have a trellis that has a clematis that grows up the side of our front porch! I am not much of a gardener but havent managed to kill it yet!

    1. I’m SO JEALOUS! I wanna see it …. LOL that’s funny. That’s how I feel about my two household plants!

  5. Oh, sad to hear about what happened to your veg garden, but the trellis designs look good. so maybe a new start in a different direction? I’m intrigued about your peacock neighbour!

    1. Yes, new start! That lovely Peacock woke us up this morning outside our window. He’s been here for three years now. He’s pretty pampered by our neighborhood so I think he’s here to stay!!!

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