Shiplap Master Bedroom

Master W Ship 3

Hey!  Welcome back to week two of our Master Bedroom Makeover.  This is so much fun.  Ask my hubby! #kidding

Do you ever think, “oh this will look great.”  Get it home and then…. no. Gotta go?  I’m usually pretty good at picking up my odds and ends for a room but I’m struggling y’all.  After I walked the mall the other day I had a VERY sleepy toddler.   I had to move my car around to the other side of the mall, get out the babes from her car seat and go into TJ MAXX, making TWO trips to purchase two end table lamps and a floor lamp for this room.  I must mention that Eva was walking slower than molasses for these trips.  After we were home, I decided the two night stand lamps were too bulky.  However, I love the floor lamp.  So, off to TJ Maxx again to return the two.  That’s a lot of work with a little babes by your side! I’m exhausted typing that! LOL

Anyways, let’s see what we had done to this room.  Remember to purplish walls?

Master Before 2

Well, we filled the room with Shiplap! #ILoveShiplap

Check out that new trim around the window!  HELLO!  In this current stage, it felt like a sauna….

Then a couple coats of Alabaster by Sherwin Williams completes the look!

Master W Ship 3

Seriously, I still can’t stop smiling about this!  Miss Callie likes it too 🙂  Look how that chandelier now comes to LIFE.

Master W Ship

Oh happy day!

Master W Ship 2

The bed now looks like it’s HOME.  Much better.

Master W Ship 4

What ya think?  See that fireplace mantle?  That’s getting a makeover too.  This bad boy has made it’s way into each room in our home.  But, this room will be it’s final.  It’s gonna be awesome you guys!

Mantle Base Removed

We removed the base because I’m going to hang this on the wall.  Cool, eh?  If I wasn’t removing the base, I would leave it that color because I love it.  To see how I antiqued it, read THIS.

Here’s my design plans!

Master Design Collage

A mix of white and creams will take place in this master retreat with pops of darker browns and blacks.  I’m still working on some wall decor and nightstands.  I’m really excited to get this room together.

Here’s a list of some of the goodies thus far:

Grain Sack Body Pillow by Medreana

White Duvet Cover by Cariloha 

Ivory Sheets by Cariloha

Cream Sitting Chair

End Table

Fireplace Mantle

Antique Fireplace Mirror

White Shabby Chic Euro Pillows

Stayed tuned for next week.  I’m gonna have that fireplace redone!  I think you’re going to like it.

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  1. We have this bed and I can’t decide what bed skirt to get for it!!! ? I wanted a flows romantic one but all the ones I love are too pricey! Help!

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