Styling a Buffet [Rustic, Vintage & Farmhouse Style]

Do you love to decorate, then move it around again…and again?  Just me?  I’m obsessed!  And now, little E is an interior designer in the making!  Seriously, funny story.  When I was decorating her desk for the Play Room Makeover.  She was sitting in her chair and I was displaying the items on her desk to take pictures.  She would move something, then I would move it back, then she would move it again!  Like, seriously?!?

So today, I’m sharing some tips on styling a buffet.  Yesterday, a couple gals shared their tips and today, a couple are sharing too!  This little hop covers all kind of items.  Styling tips for coffee tables, mantles, buffets etc.  If you’re coming over from Monica’s beautiful blog, welcome!

Here’s my BIGGEST tip to you.  If you’re out shopping and you see something you like, get it!  Especially “smalls.”  These are great pieces to use when creating your vignettes.  You can always move them around to other tables and rooms in the house.  You can’t create something if you have nothing to create with, right?  It doesn’t have to be expensive either.  Hit the local thrift store, scope out those garage sales and of course, your local Target, Homegoods or which ever store floats your boat.  Clearly, my taste might be a lot different than yours.  The good news is, this group of bloggers, we all have different taste!  I’m sure you’ll be able to resonate with one of our styles.

Buff Header

Let’s get cooking!

This buffet is at the end of our stairs in the living room.  This room has TALL ceilings.  So remember, depending on what room you’re working at in your home, scale your items based on the room’s proportion.  A little tiny picture on a BIG wall, looks odd, lost and out of place.  This rule applies to everything you do in design.

Here’s a step by step of how I decorated our buffet.  You see, I started with that large/tall shutter.  This helped “anchor” the space.

Buff Collage

  • Tall shutter with a dried wreath hanging on it.
  • Rusty bucket with a fern inside.  I set it on a cake platter to raise it up!
  • I added another tall item to the other side to balance the vignette.  Balance doesn’t mean, the exact same thing on each side.  Doing this over and over gets boring.
  • Vintage cigar box.
  • Vintage Books.  Books are an easy item that add great texture and eye candy!
  • Vintage and rusty tobacco tins.  These are neat, a conversation piece and I’m using them to raise the camera up.
  • Vintage camera.  LOVE this piece.  Add pieces into the mix that are different and eye catchers.
  • Finally, I added a vintage shoe form to the cigar box.  Again, a cool piece!

Here’s a break down of the vignette:

Buff 10 description

I really like using items that are unique.  To me, including that vintage shoe form is “odd.”  Someone might walk by that and think, “what the heck?”  I like that kind of reaction!  Those are my “conversation” starter pieces!

With spring right around the corner, an easy addition is greenery. (Well, anytime of the year, really) It’s inexpensive and can make a huge impact.

Buff 14

Buff 12

The basics:  Balance, different heights, different textures, add greens and add pieces that are “weird” and cool.  The texture on that old rusty bucks is ahhhmazing! I love anything rustic, vintage, chippy and rusty.  Adding pieces like that with “new” pieces, really adds to their character.  Like this green buffet I have.  It sits in the living room with relatively “new” furniture.  It makes a statement.  Not EVERYTHING in this room is chippy and old.  It’s about balance.

Buff 13

Buff 15

Buff 16

Buff 17

Thanks for stopping by!  Browse around, learn something new.  Up next on the hop, Vintage Romance Style.  This girl has STYLE!

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  1. I love that buffet itself, and your styling is so interesting! I could NOT agree more with your advice to buy smalls when you see them. The only things I’ve really regretted are the things I have passed on. You can’t have too many option! 🙂

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