THIS is Why Mother’s Day is Special to Me!


I wasn’t going to write a post about Mother’s Day, but then after some thought I felt it might be a great time to share how much our little Eva means to us. Eva’s journey to “life” wasn’t the easiest.  When she finally arrived, she had a couple more hurdles to jump.  Because of ALL this, I couldn’t be more PROUD to be her mom.  I also wanted to create awareness to my followers about some medical conditions, pretty uncommon.  And, if  you found me by searching one of these conditions and need support, PLEASE feel free to contact me.

When I was six week’s pregnant, New Years Eve 2012, I was positive I lost her.  My mother convinced me to head to the E.R. because our doctor was closed for New Year’s Day.   The Ultrasound tech turned the heartbeat on for me and I LOST it.

Bed rest began, I had a Subchoronic Hemorrhage.  A blood clot between the chorionic membrane and my uterine wall.

A couple months later, I received a new diagnosis, Placenta Previa.  These generally move before the baby comes.  We had our fingers crossed.   At our next ultrasound (we had MANY) the high risk doctor was sent in to our room.  It was pretty scary.  It was confirmed, I had Vasa Previa.


Here’s the Run Down:

–  Eva’s umbilical cord was not fully attached to the placenta.  It was basically “hanging off.”

–  The fetal vessels in her cord were exposed.  If  one ruptured, she could bleed to death in under a minute.

– The fetal vessels were RIGHT across my cervix.

–  Thank GOD it was caught.  I could NOT go into labor.

Hosptial Day

[The Hubs and I the day I checked into the hospital]

At 30 weeks I was admitted into hospital bed rest.  I couldn’t leave my room for the first week.  Then I was allowed to walk the hallway twice a day.  It was June and beautiful.  I’ve never wanted to go outside so bad! I had to have an IV at all times in case of an emergency.

At 35 weeks, July 1st, I was scheduled for a c-section.

She came out and had some fluid.  They stuck a tube down her throat and it came back up.  Something wasn’t right.  It was so scary laying there helpless!


[This is our first picture of Eva Grace]

Numerous doctors came into my recovery room.  I still hadn’t seen her.  They wanted to move her to another hospital.  They took an X-Ray and didn’t believe she had an esophagus.  I signed to have have her transferred to another hospital/NICU.

First time seeing

[I was doing well in recovery so they let me see her.]


[My family checking her out through the NICU window.]


[Finally in a room, they brought her in before they took her to Royal Oak, Beaumont.  About 30 minutes from where I had her.]

The hubs went with Eva and my mom stayed with me.  Thank goodness for her.  I knew I had to heal. The hubs and I communicated a lot and he sent lots of videos and pictures.  She was diagnosed with EA/TEF (Esophageal Atresia/Tracheo-Esophageal Fistula) [More Information HERE]

Dr Sketch

[Here’s the picture the Doctor had drawn for Aaron when he arrived at the other hospital.]


[Here’s Eva resting after her transport.]

Goal #1 – Get her lungs ready for surgery.  Eva also had a fistula (abnormal passageway) from her trachea to her stomach.  Her stomach was filled with air and very large.  This didn’t help her premature lung situation (Being born early at 35 weeks).

dad reading

[Daddy reading to her]

Day 2 – I was discharged from my hospital.  Eva was NOT doing well and we almost lost her a couple times.


[Eva before surgery.  Already smiling]

Day 7 – Surgery.


[Here’s Eva being pushed to the operating room.  Worst.Walk.Ever…….]

Surgery went awesome.  They corrected the fistula, her esophagus was “almost” connected which meant an “easy repair.”  She did not have to get a feeding tube.  (This was based on the repair and what they found once they got inside)  She had a chest tube because they had to collapse her lung to get to her esophagus and trachea.  (She has type C EA/TEF)

Day 10 –  Esophagram

They ran a dye down her throat and took an X-Ray to see if there was any leaks.  NO LEAKS!!!!


[Our first time holding her.  FINALLY!]

First Bottle

[First bottle attempt.  (I had been pumping breast milk since day one every three hours!)  This baby needs it!]

It was difficult feeding her.  I had to put her on her side and let her take a couple sips and pull the bottle out.  We got the hand of it though.  Whatever she didn’t take in her bottle we would push through her feeding tube (going down her nose).

Feeding Tube

[Me giving her the rest of her bottle through the tube]

Once she could eat her whole bottle, increased her breast milk in take and was gaining weight, we were able to come home.

Day 25 – HOME sweet HOME


[The good news came]

How is she doing now?  Eva has not had ONE problem.  Thank.You.Jesus.

With this condition, you never know what you’re going to get.  Some kid’s esophagus will close where the repair site is and food can get stuck.  In this case the doctors would go back in and “re-open” or “widen” the esophagus to what it’s suppose to be based on their age.  Also, with her fistula repair on her trachea, sometimes if Eva laughs or coughs hard, she kind of sounds like a seal.  This is because the cartilage didn’t grow properly where the fistual was on her trachea.  It’s “floppy.”  She should totally grow out of this by age 4.  My saving grace was a support group I found on Facebook.  This condition is NOT genetic.

She no longer has to go see her pediatric surgeon.  At her one year appointment she was named “Baby of the Year.”

IMG_3481 IMG_3471 IMG_3442 IMG_3422 IMG_3410

Newborn Photos: Elizabeth Anne Photography

bday Eva's first birthday 213

[First Birthday]

 IMG_1311_01 IMG_1297 IMG_1293_01 IMG_1177_01 IMG_1131_01 IMG_1116

Family Photos:  Sarah Beth Photography


[Her last Friday, playing in the rain.  She’s quite the adventurer!]

Through ALL this, I met a really awesome new friend.  My life wouldn’t be the same without her.

Here’s our babes.  We call them “Vasa Sisters”

H and E 1 H and E

So THIS is why Mother’s Day is so special to me.  I have this special little babe, who has one of a kind anatomy.  I hope all you mother’s out there have a fabulous day! XOXO