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Meet Gary!  He’s the owner of the wonderfully unique booth, Fragments.  He has three locations, The Shops at 101 in Holly, MI, Memories and More in Linden,MI and Memories Antique Mall in Rankin, MI.

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Gary’s booths are like going on mini treasure hunts.  How fun is that?  He’s very passionate and loves sharing the history of  each treasure.  In search of architectural pieces?  Look NO further!  He’s always my first stop.  He started his first booth about 6 years ago.  He recently retired and now fills his days with family, building, decorating his home and filling his booths!

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Check out these architectural beauties.  Corbel HEAVEN!

Shelf and Fragments 095

This piece is from an alter in an old church.

Shelf and Fragments 065 Shelf and Fragments 066 Shelf and Fragments 050

These are “Frozen Charlotte Dolls.”  The boys are called “Charlies.”  Learn more about them here!  In his home, Gary displays many of these is an apothecary jar.  How cool, eh?

Shelf and Fragments 048

I now have these lovely paper whites sitting in our kitchen.  So simple and lovely.

Shelf and Fragments 097

His items are easy to locate.  His handmade tags are very distinctive and COOL.

Here’s more of Gary’s current inventory (Holly Location).  It’s always changing.  Enjoy!

White Barn Vintage

SL and WB Booths 058

Say hello to Janet!  She is the owner of White Barn Vintage.  White Barn Vintage has three amazing booth locations, Collette’s Vintage Art & Antiques (Burton, MI), The Shops at 101 (Holly, MI) and Memories Antique Mall (Rankin, MI).

The name, White Barn Vintage, says it all when it’s come to Janet’s style.  Her items and style are RIGHT up my alley.  Her booth is always stocked with all kinds of goodies, from larger items to smalls.  She always has great seasonal items too.  The deer she makes at Christmas time, A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.  Her handmade pumpkins during the fall, LOVE them!

WBV Deer WBV Pumpkins(These are past items – not current)

Check out some of her current items!  Keep an eye out for her large bird and nest!  So dang cute!  Janet also sells Wise Owl Chalk Paint.  She’ll always let you know on her Facebook page when her booths are restocked!

What did I pick up?

I grabbed this cute little cutting board for the kitchen!

SL and WB Booths 046