Shabby Vines!

Trellis Coll

I have a new obsession….  Trellises!

It all started with Pinterest.  That DANG Pinterest.  You gotta love it.

Pinterest:  “Helping me procrastinate… even more…. since 2010”

So, listen to this.  Last year I HAD to have a vegetable garden.  My daddy-o came over and built me this beautiful raised bed.  The hubs, Eva and I headed down to the Detroit Eastern Market and bought some lovely organic vegetables.


[Check out that beauty]

 The end result.  Our veggies tasted like chemicals because of our lawn being sprayed.  YUCK!  Our garden became the feeding grounds for all wildlife, including our neighborhood peacock, Louie.


[Louie on our back deck thinkin’ he’s somethin’]

This year,  NO GARDEN.

What to do with the raised garden? I’m NOT a gardener but I do LOVE design.


[I’m totally smitten with the Clematis Vine.  Source HERE]

Oooo… and if I did THIS, I would need a trellis!  JACK.POT.

Trellis 1 Trellis 2

Isn’t she a beauty?  I found her on Amazon, HERE.  She’s currently in my “Shopping Cart.”

Now, I’m sure you know, but I LOVE up-cycling.  I want to share these awesome ideas I found for trellises!  Oh.Em.Gee.

Trellis 3

[Up-cycled Garden Fence – Stunning! Source: HERE]

Trellis 4

[Vintage Window.  Source: HERE]

Trellis 6

[Re-purposed Ladders.  Source: HERE]


[Upside Down Shovel – Source: HERE]

Trellis 7

[Re-purposed Screen Door – LOVE LOVE.  Source: HERE]


[Bed Springs – Seriously? My FAV!  Source: HERE]

Aren’t these adorable?  Do you have any Clematis in your garden?  A trellis?  I’d LOVE to hear about it!