Thanksgiving Tablescape & DIY Thankful Tree

Tablescapes were never a “thing” for me until recently.  Now, I really enjoy pulling items together to create a cozy and inviting table.  One table in particular, the Thanksgiving table.  There’s something about gathering with friends and family and enjoying one of the most comforting meals, ever.  Then of course, crashing on the couch and a game of rock-paper-scissors to try and get out of dish duty …..

This month’s Create and Share DIY challenge is Thanksgiving Tablescape with  a DIY project mixed in.  Be sure to view all the other tablescapes and projects listed at the bottom of my post.

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 Please note, tablescapes don’t have to extravagent OR expensive.  Look around your house, ask your mom or other relatives for dishes/platters etc.  I love including pieces of history at the table.  My last fall tablescape was made from mainly thrift store finds [HERE].  This tablescape, some story!

I chose a DIY Thankful Tree for our centerpiece.  It’s important to reflect on things in life we are thankful for.  This also makes for great dinner conversation.

Tree Header 2

To start, I purchased winterberry and fresh cranberries from Trader Joe’s.   While I was out, I grabbed a piece of shiny gold scrape book paper.  Is that what it’s called?

I cut the paper, punched a hole in one end and gathered some ribbon from my materials.

Tree Supplies

Once finished, leave them out for guest to write what they are grateful for and have them add their tag to the tree.

Tree Supplies 2

Tree 1

The tree is made of twigs and winterberry.  I filled the case with fresh cranberries!  The red is so vibrant.

Tree 10

Tree 5

I found the blue plaid tablecloth on the clearance rack at Target.  It was under $6.Tree 4

Small crocks for silverware.  Anyone else love crocks?

Tree 11

I used fresh cranberries and anise for a simple, but fresh look.  The anise smells so heavenly.

Tree 13

Tablesapes are a fun challenge for me.  The fun comes for finding the perfect pieces, either at home or shopping / thrifting.  The charges and glasses are both thrift finds.

Tree 8

All the brass candles holders, including this beauty, is a thrift find as well.  I used a mix of pumpkins and candles on top of the brass pillar holders.

Tree 12

Tree 2

Each year at Thanksgiving, we receive a new Christmas ornament from our parents.  We will carry this tradition on. The ornament has our name and year on it which also works as our name card at the table.

Tree 6

Tree 9

How cute are these thrift store salt and paper shakers?  I call then, “tacky cute.”

Tree 3

I hope you all enjoy your time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving.  I know I’m especially grateful for my family.

Tree 7

My parents are hosting this year.  I look forward to my mother’s delicious cooking!

Tree 15

Thanks for popping over and taking a seat at our table!  Does your family have any Thanksgiving traditions?  I’ve love to hear about them! Again, make sure to stop by everyone else’s blog and see what DIY ideas they “brought to the table.”  Sorry, HAD to say it! 🙂


43 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tablescape & DIY Thankful Tree

  1. Hi, Sara ~ This is such a lovely tablescape, and I l love your Thankful Tree! It makes a beautiful centerpiece. Happy Thanksgiving! And thanks for sharing your tablescape.

  2. That candle holder is amazing! Like I seriously want to come and steal it from you. The table looks gorgeous and I love the paper tags for the thankful tree. Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Sharon! I was very excited when I scored that holder. The hubby is coming down to Texas in 2 weeks, I’ll send it with him LOL Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving too! I’m really looking forward to it!

  3. Wow, love this Sara! Your table setting has so much interest. The Thankful tree is gorgeous and I love the fresh cranberries. It must smell heavenly. The ornaments, candlesticks, and photography are simply gorgeous.

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