Thrift Muffin Pan to Desk Organizer

Welcome back!  It was a nice long weekend and now everything is starting back up.  Kids are back to school and Fall is coming! We usually head to northern Michigan for Labor Day weekend, but this year we just couldn’t find anything we really wanted to do along with accommodations.  The Bed and Breakfast we wanted to stay at was booked months ago.  And,  there’s NO convincing in the world that will get my husband in a tent!  So, I had the genius idea to paint our house.  What.Was.I.Thinking?

Junk Visioniaries

No joke, the hubby said, “Hey babe, when you’re done prepping and cutting in, I’ll give you a hand.”  Seriously?  Let’s just say, I painted the hallway and called it quits.  My OCD was kicking in and cutting into the ceiling with a “perfect” line was NOT happening.  I tried.  The good news, our hallway looks great with the new color.  Much more open.  I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend!

Now, some bloggers that love to “junk” and “repurpose” got together.   Yes, I’m one of those bloggers!  We are the “Junk Visionaries.”

This month’s challenge is to repurpose something for your home office or organizing.  I picked up this old and rusty muffin pan!

Muffin Before

I gave her a quick paint job primer (due to the rust), then Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
I then filled it with my office goodies!  Easy Peasy!
Muffin After 1 Header
I’m going to put this in my desk drawer.  It’s perfect for holding my little office necessities.
Muffin After 4
Muffin After 2
Muffin After 3

Click the link below and browse around.  There’s more up-cycled goodies to check out from our group of bloggers!

48 thoughts on “Thrift Muffin Pan to Desk Organizer

  1. What a cute idea! I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this:)I do, however, use vintage muffin tins to store my jewelry supplies. Just hadn’t thought to paint them! I definitely love the white.

  2. I absolutely love this idea! I like to reuse my mason jars from spaghetti sauce for storing beads or as a pen holder. This muffin tin would be perfect for my desk, need to remember this when my needs replaced in the kitchen?

  3. Great repurpose of a simple household object. The white paint makes what’s in it pop. I have a few plastic ones that I use to store items from the latest project I am working on, but I never thought to paint the metal ones that I have.

  4. It is amazing how a bit of paint can take a rusty item to a whole new level. You now have something very useful and I have to admit I love the look of your muffin tin organizer! Great project!

  5. Oooh, that’s a really cute revamp of a muffin pan. I like that you used white chalk paint, and good tip with the primer. I think I would have just spray painted it.

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