Traditional Fall Front Porch


Our porch is decorated for FALL!  Gosh, I just love getting all my goodies together and putting together a cozy little porch.  However, this year, instead of spending $350 on pumpkins and mums (Yes, I know, I’m crazy – ask the hubs) I ran to Kroger and spent $75.  Buy 1 get 1 free pumpkins, yes please!

Our porch was pretty “basic” all summer long.  We usually change out the welcome mat for summer and Fall, that’s it.  Here’s what our porch looked like before I started adding pumpkins!



Not too shabby.  Yes, I can continue to dream of a wrap around porch ….

First, I added a wreath.  This color works nicely as it ties in the cream areas of our house.


I found lanterns upstairs in a closet from our wedding.  We had three different centerpieces and one was a variety of lanterns.  We had an outdoor wedding and it was quite lovely.  I removed the flowers and candles from the lanterns and added straw with a pumpkin.



I kept our summer planters there for height.  Our house is pretty tall so I needed taller items to help balance the home with the new decor.



I can’t believe I had to get FOUR pumpkins this year.  Yup, family of 4 this year on Halloween! #babyboycomingOctober21


This summer, we added shutters and a pergola above this window.  #LOVE





Thanks for stopping by for this years Fall Porch Reveal.  Curious what last year’s porch looked like?  Check it our HERE.

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16 thoughts on “Traditional Fall Front Porch

  1. I love the fact that you can add a pumpkin inside the lantern, thats a great idea since i have a bunch of large lanterns. Very pretty fall porch. Have a wonderful and dry weekend.

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