Up-cycled Fall Basket Wreath

Yes, another basket project!  You guys, I can’t get enough of them.

(Basket Wall Art HERE)

(DIY Welcome Sign HERE)

I have a stock pile of baskets from the thrift store.  In my eyes, you can’t have enough.  Right?!  Some gal pals and I put together a Thanksgiving Craft Hop!  This is part of our Instagram game #HomeForTheFallidays.  Are you playing a along?  Check me out over on Instagram HERE.

Last month we did a Halloween Craft Hop and I completed a DIY Spooky Village from thrift Christmas houses.  Check that daddy out HERE.

Back to the BASKET!  I Found this really large one.  Ohhhh I like it!

K Basket

See that price tag?  99 Cents Baby!

I grabbed some fall floral goodies from the clearance section at Joann’s along with a cardboard K.

K supplies

I painted the K white.

K Paint

I cut the floral pieces down into smaller sections and glued them to the basket.  The K was glued to the bottom right hand side of the basket.

Once the floral piece was finished, I felt the K didn’t “blend” well so I outlined the K with ribbon.  This pulled it all together.

K Outline

K 3

It’s a unique twist on the traditional wreath.

K 5

It’s currently on our door.  It’s a nice touch to welcome Thanksgiving guest!

K Header

Make sure to browse the links below for more Thanksgiving Craft ideas!  Thanks for stopping by!

K Header Group 2

37 thoughts on “Up-cycled Fall Basket Wreath

  1. Hi Sarah and thank you for leaving me a sweet comments on my spool table and Halloween porch. I tried to reply to your comment directly but you came up as a non reply blogger, so I tracked you down here! Love your Fall basket,I use those cardboard letters a lot myself!!! Christine from Little Brags

  2. Sara! You outdid yourself with this one. It looks great and I love the purple that you incorporated. You definitely know how to upcycle those basket plate chargers!

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