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You guys, the hubs and I updated the flooring in our master bedroom! We love to update and some people probably think we are nuts with some of the things we do.  However, it’s something we both enjoy.  So….we tore out three year old, perfectly fine carpet, to put in hardwoods.

First, we updated the Master Bedroom.  It was more “farmhouse-ish” when we originally updated the space.  Which is fine, I still enjoy that style, but again, it’s changing.  So a long with adding new floors, other small changes were made in the room.

I want to be honest here, I’m struggling with this room…. even from the get go.  Sometimes I do things, like our Living Room Reveal, and I love it ALL.  This room, I don’t “love it ALL”  I’m trying not to fret about it, it will come together eventually.  One thing I do love for sure, it our new flooring and rug from Rugstudio.com!

Here’s a little history …. Three years ago, we tore out the carpet in the living room, stairway and upstairs landing and replaced it with hardwoods.  When we bought our home, the office, formal dining room, entry and hallway were already maple hardwoods.  Therefore, we continued the maple hardwoods so we didn’t have to replace the original hardwoods, even though we wanted a darker wood.  At this time, we put new carpet in the three bedrooms upstairs and in our master bedroom on the main floor.  Shortly after doing this, we regretted not putting the hardwoods in our master bedroom.

Fast forward three years, we decided to removed our fireplace in the living room (See our Under Construction Post) and by doing this, we needed new hardwoods laced into the living room floors to cover where the fireplace was.  Doing this meant, the living floors needed to be re-sanded and re-finshed to match the new wood.  When we found this out, we decide to tackle the master bedroom too with new hardwoods!  We requested the LIGHTEST finish possible and boy are we happy with the outcome!


Master 12

The carpet isn’t bad by any means, we just wanted to bring the hardwoods into this room.



The hardwoods fit this room better.  As you can see, I removed the fireplace (faux mantle) in here too.  When the house was all tore up, we slept upstairs for months.  After moving back downstairs, each morning I looked at the fireplace and it didn’t feel “right” to me.  My philosphy is, if I keep thinking about something, then it needs to change.  The sign that was above the bed, was moved to this wall where the mantle use to be.  I also changed the curtains from drop cloths (light brownish in color) to white.


Now that hardwoods are in the room, we had to get a rug!  Thankfully, Rugstudio reached out.  They have a wide range of options when it comes to rugs.  Their website is also easy to maneuver and you’re able to search for rugs by size, color, style and so much more.  You’re probably thinking, wow, blue?!  Yup, I wanted to add some color in here.  The browns, white and black just wasn’t cutting it for me.  I love how this rug adds that splash of color.  It’s not bright, which I like.  It’s great quality and we couldn’t be happier with our new rug!


You can find this rug HERE.  We ordered the 8X10 because the last thing you want to do is buy too small of a rug!  This is important y’all and I’m guilty of this too.


Here’s a helpful diagram by Burlap and Grace Blog.


Soon, this area will be completed with a changing table.  Oh my!


This “tray” is made from an old crate front.  Super cool.



I hope you enjoyed the new space!


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  1. Lovely, I adore the soft texture that maple has. So much better than our gunstock oak floors (soon to be ripped out). The rug accents the floor and the room beautifully!

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