Wood Burned Easter Eggs

Egg 6

You guys.  I’m.Obsessed.  I’ve been burning eggs for days!! My husband thinks I’m crazy.

Have you guys noticed the wood eggs at Target?  I’ve been eye ballin’ then for a couple weeks, just not sure what to do with them.  Recently, I received a wood burner from Walnut Hallow for another project I’m working on.  Laying in bed one night, it hit me!  I could not get to Target soon enough the next morning!!!!

I snatched those eggs up then rushed home to get busy.  It’s super easy, you can go wrong!  They look really cool, it’s different and therapeutic.  You must try it.

Egg Header

I seriously couldn’t sleep sometimes, thinking about what I was going to design next!

Egg 2

Here’s the beauties from Target. There’s so many things you could do with them!

Egg 1

Be careful with that burner tho!  It’s hot.

Egg 5

Cool, eh?

Egg 4

Now, go get some wood eggs and a wood burner!  Lemme see those eggs!  Have a great weekend guys.  I’ll be cleaning a decorating the house getting ready for my Spring Home Tour.  I like the sound of that…. SPRING!




4 thoughts on “Wood Burned Easter Eggs

  1. Haha! I swear, I just saw this post after noticing your eggs in your tour, and I had to laugh! I did the same thing, with my wood burning set from WH too! Great minds!

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